Education is a versatile and interesting career that is broadened even further after achieving a Master’s Degree in Education. No matter the section of education being considered, a relevant career can be greatly enhanced by a master’s degree.

 Pay Raise

A major benefit of a Master’s in Education is the pay raise. Applicants will automatically see a climb in wages because employers know they are educated in the most recent and advanced methods of teaching. The salary increase is substantial, with results capable of doubling their initial pay. This benefit is especially helpful for those with student loans or a family to support but really enjoy teaching. For a career that isn’t known for its monetary value, teachers are able to do something they love without having to stress about finances.

 Administrative Rise

If you are looking into becoming a member of administration, a master’s degree is a great start. Most counselors, vice principles, and principles have furthered their education beyond the typical degree and certifications. A master’s program educates students on all aspects of education, not simply teaching. It demonstrates different methods and organizational skills that can be used on a student body rather than individuals. Counselors and deans have a huge amount of power and influence over the students within their school and their decisions have immediate affects. Having a few years of classroom experience and a higher degree will put applicants ahead of the rest when being considered for administrative duties.

 College Professor

For those wanting to stay away from elementary or secondary education, a master’s degree is a must. All college professors have either a masters or a doctorate in a specific field relating to education. College students tend to understand complex theories and advanced literature, as well as want to be there for their education. Professors won’t be in charge of babysitting students and most college students will interact on a more professional level. Another great aspect is that they can get a student interested enough in a subject to turn it into a career. Many professors will help connect students with the outside working world by contacting them with old friends or acquaintances. Professors are an incredibly important and potentially life changing part of any students college career.

 Curriculum Educator

Just because you are interested in education it doesn’t mean you want to be in the classroom every day. These people are perfect to be considered for curriculum educators, a career in surprisingly high demand. They are needed to observe trends in education and frequent schools to find out what is being taught. Many textbook publishers hire curriculum educators to prepare books with relevant material for the upcoming year. These companies use people with a master’s degree because they are able to effectively communicate and explain what is needed for each subject. They are also up to date with the learning curve and can find ways to translate complex theories into a language that is easy to understand. Curriculum educators can sit in on a lesson, observe the teacher and students, and return with a head full of ideas on what is either important or irrelevant.


Those interested in getting a master’s degree in education shouldn’t completely disregard the idea of entering the government. Government officials regulate and control education on the federal and state level. Members of the Board of Education make life-changing decisions daily and most if not all of these members have either a master’s degree or a doctorate. By receiving this degree, it demonstrates their knowledge of education on all levels. Therefore, they are reliable and the public will know that they are making fully informed decisions to the best of their abilities.

 A master’s degree in education opens a number of doors not available to those with a bachelor’s or associates. Education goes beyond standing in a classroom and lecturing and it falls on the shoulders of the government and administration to keep it flowing smoothly.