Nursing is a respectable occupation that ranges across the entire medical profession. Nurses are needed to explain what is going on and make patients comfortable before any medical procedures.

Primary Care Nurse

Primary care nurses work with patients and physicians to diagnose and eliminate illnesses. They will explain the best way to prevent diseases and suggest medications to get rid of symptoms. Generally, primary care nurses work within private medical offices and interact with families. They are in charge of checking vitals and recording any complaints or irregularities from their patients. The leading physician will then observe this information to make an educated diagnosis. Primary care nurses are familiar with most medications and can explain how to ingest them, any potential side affects, and how they will help alleviate symptoms.

Orthopedic Nurse

An orthopedic nurse specializes in injuries or diseases within the musculoskeletal system. Broken bones, fractures, and degenerative diseases can be cast and treated by orthopedic nurses. They also will prep patients for surgery and keep them as comfortable as possible during their post-operation stage. They explain what should be accomplished by certain periods of time and suggest rehabilitation techniques or facilities for their patients. Orthopedic nurses demonstrate new ways to do simple tasks so patients will not do any more harm to their injuries.

Prenatal Nurse

Prenatal nurses are everything babies. They care for mothers during their pregnancy, during the labor, and before the babies are taken home. During the pregnancy, they will monitor vital signs of both the fetus and the mother. They will document development and give the mother information on the size and health status of their infant. Prenatal nurses will run tests for any mental or physical deformities and will interpret the results for their patients. They will also assist physicians in any high-risk births.

Holistic Nurse

Holistic nursing is different from typical nursing styles because they focus on the entire mental and physical well being of their patients. They have long lasting relationships with their patients to attempt to create an environment that will change their entire being. They believe that mental, spiritual, and environmental changes will give peace to their patients. Holistic nurses use this mindset to heal their patients, having a sound mental stability can work magic. They highly encourage the patient to focus on healing themselves, rather than giving medication. Long term facilities and Hospice centers often use holistic nurses within their centers.

School Nurse

School nurses are used nationwide to maintain the health and safety of students. They are given a detailed medical history of each student and are charged with diagnosing any problems with hearing, vision, or growth.  They are in charge of distributing prescribed medication and contacting parents or necessary medical professionals. School nurses collect sports physicals and must clear each student before they can participate in any extra curricular activities through the school. They also interact with administration to update medical policies for any students with ongoing medical conditions. Some school nurses give mental help to students and will step in if they think there are any problems arising at their student’s homes.


Nurses are an essential part of the medical profession. There hold careers in every field and are incredibly important to their patients. They build relationships and attempt to make them feel as comfortable as possible while they are going through any medical procedures.