Being a clear and proficient communicator or writer can be invaluable in the work force, a fact that is often forgotten when deciding a major. The career opportunities for English majors are unbelievably broad.


Perhaps the most obvious and stereotypical job opportunity is that of a teacher. Along with a teaching degree, schools love an English major who can successfully explain what he or she knows. Elementary schools are not the only career choice though. Many college professors begin with an English degree. Teaching jobs have incredible benefits, including numerous vacation days. Most college professors can choose their own hours and K-12 teachers finish their days long before other professions. The salary of a teacher can range from $40,000 to $65,000 and that of a professor is a medium of $80,000.


The duties of a copywriter range from researching and writing a summary of potential clients to dictating scripts for television shows. Their major duty is to write promotional pieces and they work hand in hand with advertising and public relations representatives. A copywriter has excellent research and communication skills while being a proficient writer. They tend to be English, creative writing, or advertising majors and have extensive knowledge of social media. Copywriters are needed all around the world and in almost every field, to promote products and ideas. The salary depends a lot on the field of copywriting they go in to, advertising and public relations areas earn about $70,000.

Technical Writer

Technical writers are the people who communicate between software programmers and the average consumer. They are able to take computer-programming language and turn it into charts and documents for customer service representatives. A technical writer attempts to make instructions for new software and downloads as simple to understand as possible. When you are downloading a brand new computer game, the simple step-by-step instructions on the first screen are most likely the result of a technical writer. English majors excel at this career because they are able to take information and regurgitate it in an easy to read format. The average salary is about $50,000. The field is radically on the rise because of the dramatic increase in computer technologies.

Managing Editor

One of the highest paying jobs, resulting from an English major, is a managing editor. They are generally in charge of supervising all material being submitted and published in magazines, manuscripts, journals, etc. The managing editors are expert editors and read everything before it is sent to print or posted online. They generally communicate between authors and publishers to insure the messages of their works are being adequately represented. It is common for them to be involved in the marketing and financial aspects of the publications to make sure they are informed of every angle. The average salaries ranges from $70,000-$100,000 depending on the company they work for.


Another career often derived from an English degree is a paralegal. Paralegals investigate cases and assist lawyers with any research necessary. They are often present in court and help prepare legal arguments and drafts to be presented during cases. Similar to the duties of a technical writer, paralegals are able to transform the legal diction to simpler terms that are easily understood by jurors or clients. Their ability to research and condense information is extremely valuable for cases. After a bachelor’s degree, students must pass a certification presented by the American Bar Association (ABA), before they can begin practicing. Depending on the firm being represented, the salary can range from $50,000-$100,000.

English majors graduate with a terrific degree. They have an advanced level of writing and their comprehension skills are through the roof. In a workforce where simplicity thrives, being able to effectively communicate, both verbally and through writing, will get you very far.