An online Bachelors Degree in Psychology provides the student with the necessary skills in quantitative and qualitative psychological research, critical thinking, as well as the ability to interact and communicate effectively with individuals and groups of individuals from various backgrounds. Students are trained to become independent thinkers in today’s rapidly progressing world. As the student progresses in the study of theoretical and practical psychology, he or she develops the sensitivity to the different dimensions of human expression, the natural environment and scientific inquiry. In addition, he or she gains the ability to become persuasive and effective at communicating with any human being.

What is Studied in Psychology?

Psychology is a branch of science that involves the study of the human mind and behavior. Psychologists make an effort to conduct research and experiments in an effort to understand how the brain works and how it affects the way humans act given specific scenarios. Hence, students will generally learn to understand the human consciousness, the brain and how it affects behavior, emotions, memory, learning, personality, social development, psychological disorders, professional ethics, and other related studies.

Reasons to Pursue the degree

There are many interesting benefits of studying psychology. It opens up the student to a whole new world of understanding the human mind, emotion and behavior. Sometimes, students take the course in an effort to understand themselves and the people around them. Others take the course with the willingness to help people in troubled psychological states (e.g. depression, anxiety, ADHD, phobia, etc.). Many people have their own reasons and some may include delving into psychological research, studying the expanded consciousness, or becoming psychiatrists in their own right.

Courses of Study

Basically, students who want to pursue Bachelors in Psychology online need to tackle general subjects like English, Humanities, Math, Natural Science, and Social Science. In addition, they have to go through basic introductory courses to psychology, including basic psychology theories and practices. As the students progress deeper into the course, they study techniques in counseling and psychotherapy, human development, cognitive functions and the brain, professional issues, abnormal psychology, social psychology, research methodology, and behavioral sciences. Students may be given options for electives like human sexual behavior, crisis intervention, marriage and family, as well as psychology in business.

Career Opportunities

Most people often associate the degree to school counselors, but it is indeed one promising career option. Graduates may also work as clinical psychologist helping in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological conditions in patients. A career counselor is also a good choice, especially for graduates who prefer to help other people find the best jobs fit for their personality, traits and skills. For the keen researcher, a position of an experimental psychologist may fit the profile. Getting involved in research is often the most gratifying of all opportunities available. Oftentimes, researchers strike crucial psychology discoveries that can help people understand the inner workings of the brain, as well as the possibilities of the external influence of consciousness on people and the surroundings.

Why Take the Course Online?

Taking Bachelors in Psychology online provides the student with the convenience of earning the degree while working. Getting an education on campus can be very expensive for the average American student, especially that most top universities charge very high tuition. Hence, it is practical for the average Jane and Joe to get an online Bachelors Degree in Psychology in order to cut back on expenses and avoid the hassle of everyday commutes.

Requirements for Admission

Admission requirements vary from school to school. However, some of the most common requirements include your official high school transcripts, official military transcripts (if applicable), and university transcripts (for students transferring from other institutions). For international students, scores for IELTS or TOEFL may be requested by the school. To apply for an online Bachelors Degree in Psychology at a certain institution, make sure to review their specific admission requirements, fill out the necessary admission document and pay for any admission fees.