Accounting MBA

Sometimes it helps to have a specific goal in mind when deciding to earn an MBA. For instance, many people decide to focus on an online MBA in accounting rather than a general MBA or a different concentration. There are many reasons someone may decide to go this route in their studies. However, it is very important to find the right accounting MBA online program in order to receive the right training and gain the right credentials that make degree holders attractive to employers or able to start their own accounting businesses.

What is studied within an Accounting MBA Program?
As with many concentrations in accounting, there may be some subsets of the field such as forensic accounting or finance and accounting. However, there are several common factors in practically all programs. Not only do students have to learn theories within the field, but they will also learn the actual practice. Furthermore, with this particular field, subjects such as ethics are very important as well as learning skills in how to make informed executive decisions whether in a private practice or working in a corporate office.

Why should someone pursue this MBA?
While there are some people who may look at accounting as a practical career choice, there are many people who pursue this particular field because they love working with numbers. It is possible to get a good position with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, an MBA in accounting can help them go even further in their career goals. More career opportunities are available to those who hold MBAs and they can receive more specialized training within various subsets of the field.

What standard courses are taken?
The courses in accounting can also vary according to each program, but there will be a few that are required for all kinds of students. For instance, students may have courses in using the technology and tools in the field. Accounting students have to take courses in how to understand financial statements, cost behavior and budgets. There may also be courses such as Accounting Information for Decision Making, Advanced Accounting, Applied Managerial Statistics, Budget Planning and Control, Corporate Finance, Decision Support Systems, Entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting, Global Business Management, Managerial Economics, Marketing, Leading for Results and Leading Teams.

What career opportunities are available once completed?
Most senior and executive managerial positions are not available to those who do not possess an MBA degree. Furthermore, those who may want to work in a private office or a consulting position will have a better chance at building a loyal client base with these credentials. There are also other kinds of positions that are available to those with MBA degrees including auditor, bookkeeper and chief financial officer. Even those who want to switch careers for a more professional career track will find these kinds of opportunities.

Why should someone pursue this MBA online?
There are many reasons why people decide to pursue their degrees online. One of the primary reasons is because online programs cost only a fraction of what traditional campus programs costs. Furthermore, many times people looking into MBAs already have a position in the workplace they cannot afford to quit in order to go back to school. Some are looking to get a promotion in the workplace. Others do not have the time and resources to attend a traditional campus program full time.

What types of requirements are needed for admission?
Any master’s degree program will require students to have a bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for the program. However, there may be other requirements depending upon the school. Many of the top MBA programs will require prospective students to have at least a 3.5 grade point average. They may also require students to score a minimum of 700 out 800 for the GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test. Some of the top schools will also require letters of recommendation along with essay submissions.