Finance MBA

An MBA finance degree is one option for someone looking to make a career in the professional sector of his or her industry. Some people may even look to earn an MBA in finance so that they can switch careers or find more opportunities for advancement that may not be available without a finance MBA. These days, more people are looking to earn an MBA finance online degree rather than going to a traditional campus. Online degrees are becoming more acceptable to employers and online programs make degrees more acceptable to more people.

What is Studied Within the MBA Program?
There are lots of options even within finance programs for those who choose this specific concentration. For instance, some students may choose financial planning as a concentration and will study in finance related courses. These courses start with general MBA courses to acquaint students with business administration theory and application, but the focus turns to issues specific to finance rather than stay a general business administration course. Students in this concentration should leave their programs with the knowledge to apply sound financial decisions to real world business situations.

Why Should Someone Pursue This Type of MBA?
Most people decide to pursue an MBA finance degree because they want to be involved in the major financial decisions of their organizations. They may like to work with numbers or they may want to take a leadership role that involves sound financial planning. An MBA finance degree can help those who want this kind of career track be more attractive to companies who are looking for candidates adept in financial matters. In fact, an MBA is required for most executive and senior management positions no matter the organization.

What Standard MBA Courses Are Taken?
In all MBA programs, general courses in business management are required. However, some people decide to pursue concentrations that are specific to one area such as finance. Those in an area like financial planning may take courses such as introduction to financial planning, estate planning, finance, insurance, investing, portfolio, retirement planning, risk management and tax in addition to the general courses in business management like corporate finance, economics, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, project management, strategic management and information systems.

What Career Opportunities Are Available Once Completed?
Anyone looking to get into an executive or senior management position can benefit from an MBA. There are also those who have decided to take a different career track or find a different job. Even a person with a general MBA already may find a chance to advance in the business finance sector with a specific concentration. For instance, someone with a finance MBA may have the opportunity to make decisions on how a company invests its assets and see to the company’s continued growth and expansion. Those in an independent consulting job can attract more clients with an MBA.

Why Should Someone Pursue This MBA Online?
Career advancement is the primary reason many people decide to pursue an MBA online. In some cases, they may not have the means to go to a traditional campus program whether it is financial constraints or a top school is out of proximity. Some people are also already a part of the workforce and may not be able to quit their jobs because of financial obligations, so online courses offer a convenient way to study and continue work. Others may have obligations such as family.

What Types of Requirements Are Needed for Admission?
The top schools generally have the highest requirements for admission to their programs. Some may require a student to have at least a 3.5 GPA, but there are some who are less rigid with this requirement when potential students have other exceptional qualities. These schools may also require high scores on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), meaning prospective students need to score at least 700 out of 800, and have good letters of recommendation.