Green MBA

Sustainable business practices are starting to dominate the business world, and green business leaders are in demand. There’s a high consumer demand for green products as people become more aware of what’s going on in the environment, and because of this, more business schools are taking the effort to implement green MBA programs. Traditional MBA programs focus on coursework and study of business from a financial standpoint, but green programs also pay attention to management of environmental and social sustainability.

What Is Covered Within An Online Sustainable Business MBA?

Sustainability in green programs covers economic, environmental and social sustainability with the effort of making sure people can practice business without the possibility of the three domains breaking down. Triple Bottom Line is the term or phrase used to define sustainability in these three fronts.

Social: the social aspect deals with overpopulation mostly, which if left unchecked could go beyond the carrying capacity of the planet and cause a rapid depletion of resources.

Economic: running out of energy or more specifically oil and having no other alternative for energy.

Environmental: loss of ecologies – species and habitat.

What Are the Entrance Requirements For A Green MBA Online?

Just like it is with regular MBA applications, sustainable MBA programs are highly competitive, and they come with stringent rules. For instance, you must have at least three years professional experience, high GMAT scores and all the specific prerequisite courses. This makes these courses a great choice for working executives who wish to be leaders in their fields.

Many top schools offer online sustainability courses, which are perfect for the working individual who has little time to settle in a school. Before committing to start a green course, just take time to assess what your career goals are. If the expectations are realistic and you have the time and resources to clear the course, then by all means, do it.

Here are some of the popular programs offered by Marylhurst University:

Renewable Energy: examination of fuel alternatives such as renewable energy sources and how they could change the current speed of energy depletion and provide more sustainable solutions.

Natural and Organic Resources: covers ranching, organic farming and how these foods affect individuals and communities at large.

Green Development: focuses on building healthy and safe green buildings and other developments.

Energy Policy and Administration: close look at environmental law and issues affecting water availability, waste disposal and such issues related to sustainability. It also involves research on sociocultural, historical, business and economic factors and their effect on the country and world.

When you decide to invest in an MBA course, take time to look into their rankings to get more information about the program; that way, you will have a way to assess the quality of each program and possibly get clues on schools most recruiters are paying attention to.

The programs cost a lot of money. For this reason, you have to figure out if the investment is worth it. Calculate the fees, campus expenses if you don’t take an online green MBA, travel costs, and all other costs involved then be ready to study to make it all worth it.

What Career Opportunities Are Available Upon Graduation?

A lot of students enrolling for green MBA programs are looking to venture into NGOs or move into the regular world of commerce, but with the knowledge that they can make a difference in their day-to-day business practices. International Sustainability Standards is a growing field where graduates can explore new opportunities in a not-for-pay organization where the pay happens to be as good as salaries in FMCG or other industry sectors.

A lot of companies are starting to take sustainability seriously; especially larger corporations, which have a greater responsibility to take steps to implement business practices that take care of not only the consumer but also safeguard the planet’s resources. Whatever a graduate’s preference, there are a lot of job offers these days, so if you’ve been thinking about pursuing a green MBA online, then you will have a lot of prospects.