Adjusting to a new school and way of life can be difficult to do on your own. It is important that you know exactly where to find help academically and socially, on campus.

Student Financial Services

Figuring out your financial situation and all you can do to limit the costs of living is a major issue for many college students. It is important you know exactly where you stand regarding debts and necessary scheduled payments. Student Financial Services is a department solely dedicated to keeping students fully informed of these processes. If you have any questions on what scholarship money you should be receiving or how to go through the process of taking out a loan, they are the people to talk to. It is essential that you are fully aware of their location, hours, and who is in charge of your particular file, from day one of classes. If you go to them with concerns or questions, they may end up helping you save a lot of money in the long run.

 Department Heads

The head of a department can be an incredible contact when applying for jobs. They will have spent time in the career or one similar to your interests. If you are in the process of deciding a major, or considering changing yours, a department head can help you fully understand what is required of their subject. They will inform you of the day-to-day class schedule as well as what is needed to succeed outside school. They can also be great assets when looking for internships. It is possible that they still have friends or contacts in the business world and if you have a good relationship, they may put you in touch with them. Also, having a department head write you a letter of recommendation can take you far in an application process. They are more accountable and have a higher reputation than a typical professor so employers know they won’t stick their neck out for just anyone.

 Media Specialists

Although many people just go to the library for a quite room, it is full of informative employees that can make your workload a little lighter. Media specialists are fully informed on the research aspect of any paper or article you are writing. They can supply you with relevant information from credible sources and can demonstrate how to find everything through the databases of the school. All media specialists have a vast knowledge of citations, a process that can easily mess you up. If you are having trouble figuring out the differences between MLA and footnotes, they are the first person you should contact. Employees of the library have an endless supply of information at their fingertips; you might as well take advantage of that information too.

 Tutoring Centers

For class help, tutoring centers are available on every campus. Whether you are looking for a little one-on-one help from a professor or an answer to a tricky question, this department will be able to help you out. They will have upperclassmen and professors available for scheduled appointments. If you are having serious problems with a class, you can set up weekly appointments to go over the notes you took in class or the work you were assigned. The tutors are also able to directly get in contact with your professors. This allows them to see exactly what they are going over and the best way to explain it. Getting tutoring can make a huge difference in your grades and it is offered free in many schools. If you are having any trouble you must take advantage of this great opportunity.


If you have questions or just want a little extra help studying, all college campuses will have a department to set things straight. It doesn’t matter if your school has 4,000 students or 40,000 students, you just have to look or ask around to find answers.