Deciding what to do after four years in college is a decision that can potentially affect your entire future. Attending law school gives you the opportunity to succeed in the real world and create a respectable name. Even if you have not decided exactly what you want to do in the future, the three years it takes to achieve a law degree gives you the opportunity to choose.

Variety of Fields

There are fourteen fields of law available to those with a degree, therefore, ensuring there will be one that interests you. Whether you want to be a criminal defense attorney or work to protect children through custody cases, there is an available section. While the first year of law school is generally the same from school to school, the second and third year give students the chance to broaden their horizons. Because you are immersed in all forms of law, it is acceptable to change interests, even after you have finished your degree.

Constantly Changing

New laws are constantly being incorporated into daily life, which change the way law is studied and perceived. Cases are continually being viewed by the Supreme Court and the decided upon outcomes trickle down through the field. Whether the cases involve civil, political, or economic problems, the decisions affect everyone. Because of these constant changes, a member of the field won’t be forced to go through the same repetitive steps every day. Different cases presented to you will always vary, if only slightly, giving you new information to look up and analyze. Practicing law is the farthest thing from a typical day job.


Having a law degree automatically gives you a step up on the competition, regardless if practicing law is your ultimate goal. The prestige associated is almost unmatchable. Many lawyers, however, have the main goal of helping those less fortunate in civil and economical issues. Sticking a criminal behind bars or giving a murderer a life sentence helps out those being represented and society as a whole. Some lawyers decide to work for the state and put their time and effort into people who can’t afford to represent themselves.


Along with personal gain and a well-respected title, lawyers have the opportunity to receive major awards throughout the country and world. Monetary gain is a large incentive for those pursuing a law degree. The need for lawyers is projected to increase by 18% over the next four years, and job security is very important in this day and age. The average annual income is over $110,000 right now and is anticipated to grow. There are also multiple awards given each year involving prominent woman in international law, practicing lawyers under 35, human rights contributors, and successful minority lawyers.

Introduction to Other Fields

Even if you decide to not choose a career in law, lawyers can adapt their skills in the business world. Most senators, CEOs, and presidents have some form of a law degree. The knowledge and analytical skills necessary to graduate and pass the bar are impressive to others. They demonstrate that you can effectively understand and communicate ideas or plans to others. Being a lawyer, forces you to be levelheaded and extremely unbiased despite the situation. Supreme Court Justices go through the ropes of law so they can effectively judge and rule in other cases.


Pursuing a JD can be a big decision when all the factors are considered, but there are alternatives. If you aren’t totally set on pursuing a career as an actual practicing lawyer, but are still interested in the field, then completing a Masters Degree in Law could be an option. These types of Masters Degree’s are meant for individuals who don’t have their JD but want to specialize and become experts in some sector of law. Nova Southeastern offers a handful of Online Masters in Law programs that each specialize in a different aspect of Healthcare, HR, or Education Law.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, a law degree has a lot to offer. Whether the goal is personal prestige, monetary gain, or the introduction into another field a law degree gives you the knowledge and analytical skills to thrive in the business world.