As the need for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees increase within the profession world, the availability of easily accessible programs is growing. Whether students are interested in an online basis or the traditional campus program, there are pros and cons to both.



A major component in deciding to focus on an online format or a campus route is how easily accessible it is. If you live right down the street from an accredited college or university then this isn’t an issue. Many people, however, do not. Being able to access the coursework, lectures, and information through the Internet is infinitely useful. Students of an online program don’t have to worry about being on time for class or spending the gas money to get there. Not to mention the hassles of paying for parking and driving around for hours looking for a spot. Since the Internet is available through phones, iPods, and computers and WiFi is so commonly accessible these days, you constantly have access to your work.



In an economy that leans heavily on “who you know”, being able to meet new people and network is a great benefit to receiving a degree. It gives you the chance to work in groups with classmates and develop beneficial relationships that could potentially help you later on in life. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with an array of people with similar interests or career pursuits. Professors generally have field experience and, if they like your work ethic, can help out in writing letters or recommendation or putting you through to the right person for internships or jobs. You can meet people in the classroom or through chat groups and interact with professors either in person or through Skype and emails.



Deciding what is going to be the biggest distraction to attaining a degree is one of the first things to be decided. When attending a traditional university, there are the perpetual distractions of hundreds of students and social obligations. People talking in class or surfing the Internet in front of you are distracting, even if you aren’t the one partaking. Everyone has a friend who is constantly convincing you to skip class entirely and, unfortunately, being around lots of people can hurt your chances of succeeding in your degree. By completing an online degree, students are able to decide the extent of their course load and can prevent falling asleep in class or zoning out by keeping the lectures short. It is detrimental that you put yourself in the situation to help you out the most in the long run.


Time Crunch

Many people must work to put themselves through college, especially those striving for a Master’s Degree. Being able to make an appropriate schedule and do course work when it’s convenient, makes completing a degree and putting food on the table much easier. The online degree doesn’t have mandatory classroom hours in the middle of the day or late at night. It gives students the opportunity to hold a steady job or be present in family life, without constantly worrying about failing because of too many absences. It is extremely difficult to work a nine-hour day then go straight to school to sit through four hours of class. Mothers and fathers can be home in time to eat dinner with their families while furthering their education.


Many well-respected traditional universities are adopting the online degree to further their reach. They are making it easier and easier to complete degree requirements while continuing with other aspects of your life.