Our current marketplace isn’t exactly reeling with job openings and opportunities so, when deciding on a career, it is important to first see what is available. The STEM field is an acronym for a growing group of careers involving science, technology, engineering and math. Each section is full of budding careers that are becoming more and more prominent in modern society.

Mechanical Engineer

As the use of technology has grown through the years, the use and need for mechanical engineers has dramatically increased. Whether you are interested in creating wind turbines for clean energy or the newest version of robotics, this field is accessible and growing. A mechanical engineer focuses on the design and upkeep of mechanical systems and products. They draw out blueprints, oversee construction, and interact with customers to insure a satisfactory project. The average salary is $60,000 and has the career has grown by 10% in the last year.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computers are no longer used only to make calculations. They are no longer the size of a small car and you don’t need to be a genius to work them. Computer Systems Analysts have transformed the computer from a mind-blowing device to something useful and adaptable to almost every career. They are able to fine-tune every aspect of the computer, from memory to specific software programs to fit their customers. It is their job to efficiently interact with customers to understand what they need and how to apply it. Their average salary is over $77,000 and the job market has increased by 15% over the last year. If you are interested in the field of information technology, then Boston University offer’s a very competitive Masters in CIS.


Actuaries work alongside businesses, insurance companies, and finance agencies to observe past trends and attempt to predict future occurrences. You can find them on Wall Street observing stock options or in the local bank, attempting to calculate the odds of something affecting the individuals or business they represent. If you are looking for security in a job, this is one to gravitate towards. This profession offers many health benefits and an average salary of $83,000 if you can make adequate predictions.

Biomedical Engineer

As our understanding of medicine continues to grow, we are able to combine engineering to create more advanced equipment. Biomedical engineers create artificial organs or limbs as well as x-ray machines and miniscule cameras for doctorial use. They understand details of how the body works and are able to create designs to replicate those actions. Most of the work entails creating computer models that can be made turned into concrete models and safely tested on people. Biomedical engineers make about $50,000 a year and are expected to increase by a whopping 65% by 2020.


The amount of different people and cultures across the world is astonishing and it is the job of an anthropologist to observe and document their daily lives. This way we can share ideas of religion, medicine, and business and coexist peacefully. More specialized fields research the evolutionary differences of people from different regions of the world. This is a very interactive and hands on field, full of travel and documenting their discoveries. The average salary is a surprising $50,000 and is projected to increase by 21% in the next few years.

Natural Sciences Managers

Natural science is a broad category including biology, chemistry, and physics. Managers oversee and conduct the development of daily products through these sciences. They can work for major corporations or private businesses and are the in-between for CEO’s and researchers. They are able to translate the scientific terms and information for those without a vast knowledge of science and vice versa. It is also beneficial for them to have business backgrounds because they are often in charge of finances. These managers make about $100,000 per year and the career is expected to grow by about 18% in the future.

Engineering Managers

Engineering managers have an extensive physics background and oversee and direct engineering projects. From building a bridge to creating new building materials, the engineering manager makes corrections and insures the job is getting done. They are in charge of finances and must approve plans before they can be carried out. They are also very interactive with other engineers and clients, so there is no confusion about the wants and needs on both ends. The average salary is $115,000 per year and is expected to grow by 15% by 2020.


Geologists study the Earth and what it’s made of.  They examine ancient rocks and fossils that create the fuels we use today. Geologists create and examine maps and diagrams to explain their findings and predict future occurrences. A big part of their job is to work with engineers to find out new natural energy producers. They decide how to best create mines or factories, that will minimize waste. The average salary is currently $40,000 and the field is expected to grow by over 16% over the next few years.

Food Scientists

Whether you are a vegan, or complete carnivore, food scientists have affected the food you eat every day. They determine the nutrition value of all forms of food and find ways to make regular meals better for you. Food scientists make regulations for food production and give helpful tips on the best and most nutritious way to cook dinners. They do a lot of research to see how certain things affect the body and create fun foods for us to eat. The average salary is about $65,000 per year and is expected to increase by over 14%.

Software Developers

Perhaps one of the best jobs for 2013, software developers create and update software. This is applicable not only with computers and business but also mobile devices. The software is used in every form of business and daily use. These developers are wanted in major corporations, small businesses and the government. The average salary is about $80,000 and the field is expected to grow by 28% in the next few years.


Each of these STEM careers is projected to increase over the next few years and produce a substantial salary. These careers are exciting and constantly changing and producing new results. For more information visit http://www.iseek.org/careers/index.html