Getting involved at your school is a sure way to make your college experience more fun and exciting. Clubs and organizations are available for a variety of interests and participating in one or more can be incredibly useful in the future.


Most schools offer clubs for every major offered. There are ones for video production, philanthropy, and Fantasy sports teams. No matter your interests, there is certain to be a group of students who share them. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people, which is especially useful in your freshman year. The other members may turn out to be great friends and older students will be able to give you advice on professors and classes to take. Clubs are also great for networking within the business world. If you join a national organization, it will give you the opportunity to meet graduated members who may be able to put you in contact with potential employers.  The more personal connections you make, the easier it will be when looking for a job, and who better to make those connections with then people who share your interests.


Not everyone can participate in Division 1 athletics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the rush and fun of the game. Intramural sports can include anything from nationwide lacrosse to inner-school dodge ball. Most schools offer a variety of sports that don’t require tryouts and are simply a fun way to get involved. If your school’s club team is good enough, they can travel across the nation to play in championship tournaments. Intramurals are also a great way to continue working out. For those students who have grown up playing school sports, it may be difficult to get motivated to stay in shape. Having a team relying on you and a group of people to encourage you to get out there is great motivation.

Student Government

For those students who are more interested in the debate team and politics, student government is an excellent outlet. On a college level, these experiences will look great on a resume and give you incomparable hands-on experience. Representing the student body, which consists of 20,000 people, is a large responsibility and potential employers will take note of that. An idea you present may spark action that can completely change the outlook of the student body. Communicating with people of your own age, but not necessarily some ideology, will help you learn to deal with other employees and peers in a constructive manor to reach a common goal. You can be president of the school or simply a representative of a club, being involved in the governmental process, as a whole, is incredibly beneficial.

Clubs and organizations are a sure way to meet new people and create relationships for the future. Getting involved at your school is an all-around beneficial experience that needs to be taken advantage of.