College Resources

Whether your are starting to research college or embarking on the adventure, A Real Online Degree's collection of resources will help you to find the information you are looking for to make your college experience as fulfilling as possible.

A Real Online Degree strives to provide students with up to date resources when it comes to categories such as financial aid, enrollment, student life, and graduation. This collection of resources has been curated from an array of professionals within higher education with a focus on providing up to date information and statistics. Our goal is to provide potential, current and graduated students with answers to questions that they will run into during their everyday life. These resources can help potential students save money, solve problems, and increase their quality of life both during and after university.

Resources for Students with Disabilities

Every individual deserves the opportunity to pursue a college education, but individuals with disabilities often have many questions regarding admissions, services, and student life. The following in-depth resource dives deep into answering these questions, and provides a template for individuals with disabilities looking for answers when it comes to pursuing higher education.