Information Systems

Is an online masters in information systems right for you? When looking into a program, you not only have to make sure you are ready to make a commitment to studying information systems but also that you have what it takes to complete an online program. You need to know what to expect from an online masters degree in information systems program as well as what to expect from online education in general. You can look at what it takes to get a masters in information systems online and decide if this is the right track for your goals.

What is studied within the program?
One of the things you need to consider is what you will study in an information systems program. Different programs may have their own courses, but you should learn much of the same information no matter what program you choose. In any program, you will study system methodologies and you will learn the finer points of design, implementation and evaluation of software applications as well as theoretical models. You may also specialize in specific study tracks depending upon what type of career path you hope to take.

Why should someone pursue this degree?
The field of information systems is one of the industries that continues to grow even while others slow down. Having knowledge about the inner workings of software is a valued skill even in industries in which computers are not the primary focus. Even if you hope to teach, you will need to get a master’s degree to demonstrate your knowledge in this area. A master’s degree is also valuable in a professional setting where you will need to demonstrate your leadership potential.

What standard courses are taken?
Courses can differ for each program. Furthermore, online courses may be modified from traditional campus courses, but they should still provide you with the same skills. You may have courses such as telecommunications networks and database systems design. There may also be courses such as strategic information systems. You can find courses in business management as well as those in project management. Some tracks may require courses like web application development while others may require data warehousing. Of course, there may also be courses like IT management, IT strategy and software testing available as well.

What career opportunities are available once completed?
Getting a master’s degree in information systems opens up more opportunities for you in many different career tracks. With a master’s degree, you can go into teaching or even research if you prefer the academic life. However, a master’s degree also has certain benefits on the professional arena. You may be eligible for many executive and senior level positions that require an advanced degree. You can also move to a professional track with a master’s degree if you have been working in an entry level or intermediate position.

Why should someone pursue this degree online?
More people are seeking degrees online for plenty of reasons. One of the most common reasons people are pursuing online education is because of the convenience it offers. Many online students have work responsibilities and other obligations that cannot be put off, so getting to a traditional campus job is not possible. However, they can look into online courses that allow them to be flexible in their schedules and cost only a fraction of the cost of traditional campus programs.

What types of requirements are needed for admission?
Requirements for different programs can also vary, but every one of them typically requires that applicants have a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree should show that the applicant has proficiency in the at least the basics of information systems. There may also be requirements such as a minimum score on the GRE as well as a minimum grade point average. You may also have to provide letters of recommendation in addition to admittance essays in order to be considered for the program.