Online Degrees

The number of online degrees available today seems to be ever-expanding. There are close to 50,000 unique degree programs available online today. With so many to choose from, it can be very difficult to find which is the best for you. This is exactly why we have created this all-inclusive resource guide. Read along and find out to choose the best online degree!

Online Degrees by State

The following chart provides options for online programs within your state. Attending a program within your state could potentially help with in-state tuition and potentially make it possible for you to commute to the program if a part-time on-campus requirement exists.


AL Alabama  HI Hawaii MA Massachusetts NM New Mexico  SD South Dakota
 AK Alaska  ID Idaho  MI Michigan  NY New York  TN Tennessee
 AZ Arizona  IL Illinois  MN Minnesota  NC North Carolina  TX Texas
 AR Arkansas  IN Indiana  MS Mississippi  ND North Dakota  UT Utah
 CA California  IA Iowa  MO Missouri  OH Ohio  VT Vermont
 CO Colorado  KS Kansas  MT Montana  OK Oklahoma  VA Virginia
 CT Connecticut  KY Kentucky  NE Nebraska  OR Oregon  WA Washington
 DE Delware  LA Louisiana  NV Nevada  PA Pennsylvania  WV West Virginia
 FL Florida  ME Maine  NH New Hampshire  RI Rhode Island  WI Wisconsin
 GA Georgia  MD Maryland  NJ New Jersey  SC South Carolina  WY Wyoming

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), One Out Of Seven Students Are Enrolled In A Fully Online Program

Online Degree Programs: Who Are They a Good Fit For?

High School Graduates

Individuals who are nearing higher school graduation or have already graduated are good candidates for online programs. These individuals must be self-disciplined and willing to put the time in within an environment outside of a typical classroom. 

Community College Graduates

Students who have already completed two-year degrees are good candidates for online degree programs. These individuals can work while completing most programs, which can be beneficial on the financial side. 

Transfer Students

Individuals looking to transfer out of their current university, or those who have completed part of their bachelors or associates degrees are also good candidates for online degree programs. Students must check with the university of which they are applying to learn about transfer credits prior to enrolling. 

Graduates & Working Professionals

Students who have graduated with their bachelors who are currently working full-time are good potential audiences for online masters programs. As these programs can be completed in a flexible manner while individuals continue to work, students can earn an income while continuing their education. 

Two-Year Colleges

Universities focused on providing students with associates, diploma, or certifiation programs.

Public Universities

These state run institutions provide students with the opportunity to complete all levels of degree programs from associates all the way to doctoral programs.

Private Universities

These private institutions can either be not for profit or for-profit, and provide similar offerings to public universities.