Online Master's In Information Systems - Top 2017 Programs

Why would you seek an online masters in computer information systems? Many people are looking into a masters degree in CIS with technology becoming such a prevalent part of everyday life. Practically all professions use computer technology in some form or another, so a person with a master’s degree in computer information systems has lots of opportunities available at his or her disposal. However, it is important to get into the right program that will not only open the door to these opportunities but also fits into your current lifestyle. There are a few questions to ask when looking into computer information systems programs, especially online programs.

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What Is Studied Within The Program?

One of the first things you need to look for in the program is what you should study. You may want to look into programs that offer specific concentrations such as information systems security or database management. No matter what concentration you choose, you should learn about a variety of concepts in computer science such as computer applications and networks. You should also study databases systems and other forms of technology that continue to rapidly develop. Of course, you will also bring your previous computer science experience and information technology knowledge into the program with you.

Why Should Someone Pursue This Degree?

One of the reasons someone might pursue this degree is because of a love of computers and technology. If you want to be in a career that allows you to safeguard information used on computers whether in offline or online storage, you may find that this is your calling. Those who enjoy solving business problems with computer technology may find this a satisfactory degree program. Also, if you are planning to move into a managerial position at some point, you should look into this degree to improve your technical and managerial expertise. You may also benefit from this degree if you need to know how to keep up with the latest developments in computer information.

What Standard Courses Are Taken?

Courses can vary depending upon the program you are in, but there are a few you need to look for to make sure you acquire the right skills. For instance, you need to study fundamental issues in information systems as well as business design. You should take courses such as database design and management, computer network administration and information systems security. You will also need to look for courses like legal and ethical issues in computer information systems. Courses like information systems security and information systems analysis are also necessary in any computer information systems program.

What Career Opportunities Are Available Once Completed?

While some people who acquire master’s degrees go into teaching or research, there are also other professional opportunities available for those who hold master’s degrees. For instance, you can become an analyst or consultant. You may also consider working in specialist or leadership roles. These can include computer systems analysts and database administrators. You can look into other positions such information systems managers and quality systems managers. Of course, you may consider a software engineer position if one is available. A master’s degree in computer information systems can also open up other executive and senior level positions in computer sciences and technology that require advanced degrees.

Why Should Someone Pursue This Degree Online?

One of the reasons people pursue degrees online is because of the cost. Online programs cost only a fraction of what traditional campus programs costs, so they need to consider this as a factor. Another practical factor you will need to consider with an online program is how much time you have to devote to your studies. Many people have obligations in life such as family while others already hold full-time jobs and want to seek advancement. When this is the case, getting into an online program that allows you to work around your schedule is the most feasible option to reach your educational goals.

What Types Of Requirements Are Needed For Admission?

When going into a master’s degree program in computer information sciences, you will already need to have a bachelor’s degree in the field. In addition to this educational background, you may also need some kind of professional experience in information technology. You also need to look at a specific program to find out what types of admissions tests are required. For instance, you may need the Graduate Record Examination or the Graduate Management Admissions Test. In either case, you need to look at the minimal scores required.