Health Sciences Degrees Online - Top Programs 2017

A bachelor in health science degree is a prerequisite for a potentially successful career in healthcare related fields. Some schools in the US offer students studying for a bachelor of health science online a curriculum that equips them with the necessary skills to diagnose and treat various health ailments. These programs also equip students with knowledge on issues such as health insurance financing, and health law. All health care professionals must be equipped with this knowledge in order to carry out their duties effectively.

Areas Of Study Within The Program

All accredited universities in the US should ensure that their students who major in health sciences take the following course units:
  • Medical ethics
  • Medical record keeping
  • Human anatomy
  • Social sciences
In addition, most schools require students to complete supervised internships in health care centers as well as complete research projects. Some students may have to study other course subjects if they intend to specialize in areas such as health administration and environmental health jobs.

Why Should Someone Pursue this Degree?

There are several reasons why one should choose online bachelor’s in health science degree. Firstly, health care professionals who do not have bachelor’s degrees can acquire crucial knowledge on how to conduct and implement health research by majoring in health science. In addition to this, general health care practitioners who have associate degrees can specialize in areas such as community health, paramedics, or surgical technology.
Another major reason why one should pursue a degree in health science is to acquire the necessary certification that will enable one to have access to more career development opportunities. While associate degrees are the minimum qualification for some health care jobs, workers who have this qualification cannot compete effectively with graduates who have degrees in health science for middle and top-level job positions.

Standard Courses

In most states, students who pursue degrees in health science online need to complete the following standard courses before graduating.

Research methods: In this course, students investigate various health research methods, research results presentation techniques, analyses criteria, and common research study designs. This course is important because it helps students to understand prevalent research trends in different areas of traditional and alternative medicine.

Physiology and anatomy courses: By studying these course units, students are able to understand how the human body functions and how various illnesses interrupt or compromise bodily functions. These courses also contain information on how various components of the body such as blood and skeletal systems interrelate. Some of the units that are included in this course include cell metabolism and the functions of body tissue.

Epidemiology: This course introduces students to how diseases, both communicable and noncommunicable diseases, spread as well as how to contain them. Epidemiology is a vital course for students who intend to specialize in public health strategy formulation and implementation.

What Career Opportunities Are Available Once Completed?

Graduates who hold bachelor’s degrees in health science can explore careers in the following employment fields:

Research methods: This sector generally presents numerous career opportunities and students can work as educators in various educational institutions. The role of educators in this field is to formulate, evaluate, or implement healthcare programs in schools. Similar job positions also exist in other workplaces.

Health Administration
: This is probably one of the most competitive sectors in the healthcare industry. Fortunately, health science degree graduates have an edge over candidates with lower professional qualifications. Health administrators oversee departments in various types of health facilities.

Patient Care Sector: This sector typically offers more career opportunities for health science graduates than other sectors. Employees in the sector interact with patients on a daily basis and offer general or specialized patient care, depending on whether or not they specialized in certain study courses in school.

Why Should I Earn My Degree Online?

There are various reasons why one should earn their bachelor’s degree in health science online. For instance, online classes are more flexible for students who want to complete their studies within a period of time. Most universities have fixed study durations for students who study on-campus but students who study on a part time basis online can control how long they take to study by regulating the number of study units they take per semester.
In addition to this, online courses are highly suitable for working students who can only spare a few hours each day to study. Most accredited schools oblige students to complete about a hundred and eighty hours of study before graduation but working students can graduate after completing significantly less hours.

What Types Of Requirements Must One Meet To Qualify For Admission?

Finally, in order to qualify for the numerous career opportunities in health science it is important to enroll in an accredited higher learning institution. Admission requirements for online bachelor’s degree in health science may vary from school to school. However most schools require the following qualifications:
  • All applicants who have other health professional qualifications must provide professional credentials.
  • Must have a high GPA in the following subjects: arts, humanities, mathematics and social sciences.