Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Business: Best Of 2017

An online bachelors degree in business is a hot item these days. Business is the most popular major in the American University system, with nearly a quarter million students receiving degrees in this field every year. The online world has made it easier for people from every background to choose this degree and study at their leisure.

Your Complete Guide To Online Business Degrees 

Why Study Business?

Ultimately, the best reason to study business is its widespread application in various fields of employment. Most careers, ultimately, involve business in some way. Unless you are planning on joining a particular profession, you will probably enter into a job that requires business knowledge. The better your background in business is, the more likely you will be to be promoted and move ahead in the workplace.

In fact, many careers require a business degree of some sort in order for you to even apply for a job. Having such a degree can take years off the amount of time that you expected to reach a certain position in the world and in your industry. Furthermore, your degree will simply make you happier in your work because you will understand the impact of your work and of others’ work.

Online vs. Campus Degrees in Business

The attraction of the bachelor of business online is equal for people in many fields. Studying via the Internet allows students to fit study and work into their lives with as little discomfort as possible. Some people would have found furthering their education impossible just a few years ago because there was no way for them to fit it into the corners of their lives. Now, students in many fields are leading full lives while they study and better themselves.

Online learning is not just convenient for a business major. It is, in fact, an ideal environment for such learning. Most businesses today are trying to figure out how to incorporate the Internet into their work and keep up to speed with technological advancements. Social media, in particular, has made it crucial for companies to figure out how to market and sell over the World Wide Web. Some businesses, in fact, exist only on the Internet. It makes sense to familiarize yourself intimately with this setting before you jump into the workplace.

What Does a Business Student Study

Obviously, a business student studies the basics of commerce. However, each student also chooses to specialize in something. Just as an English major may choose to specialize in in American Literature, a business major may choose to specialize in business administration, marketing or organizational leadership.

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Some Business Courses and Others You Can Take Online

In order to achieve a major in business online, you will have to get around 120 to 150 college credits. Most of these, believe it or not, will be in subjects that do not involve business. Just like any other degree at this level, students are expected to study a wide range of courses before focusing their attention on business.

Initially, most of the course studied will be in areas such as history, humanities, language, and philosophy, as well as math and science. Students who know that they want to study business later on often try to take courses that might provide good foundations for a business understanding. For example, many students like to study math as well as history, in order to understand the mechanics of exchange and trade as well as their background in human history. Psychology is another helpful area for business majors to study so that they can understand what people are thinking in the business realm.

After getting some of these classes under their belts, business majors begin to study business itself. They take courses in entrepreneurship, business planning and the principles of management.

Career Opportunities for Grads

Once you graduate from an online school with a bachelor degree in business, your opportunities will increase. In your own job, you may immediately become eligible for promotions and raises that were out of your reach before. Depending on your specialization, you will also find it possible to seek positions in major businesses such as loan officers, credit analysts, sales managers and underwriters.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to an online college, you often have to possess some of the same requirements that major universities place on their applicants. You will usually need to have a high school diploma or a GED. In addition, you will need to pass any minimal requirements about criminal records and school performance.