Healthcare Administration Degree Online - Top 2016 Programs

Areas Of Study

Most accredited colleges and universities have well-designed curricula for the Bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration that focus on equipping students with knowledge on management in the healthcare industry. The typical curriculum for this degree also focuses on the enabling students to understand basic health practice and knowledge and equipping them with various skills that can help them to work in the diverse healthcare sector. Students of this degree and related degrees such as a bachelor in healthcare administration also take health care policy courses and specialize in various healthcare administration specialties in order to expand their career opportunities. In addition to meeting the curriculum requirements of this degree, students must also meet the minimum semester credit hours in order to graduate.

Why Should You Pursue This Degree?

There are several reasons why you should pursue a degree in healthcare administration. These include:

To pursue a career healthcare administration: If you wish to make a worthwhile contribution to the healthcare system in your community by providing management services in your health institutions, you should consider pursuing this degree. There are diverse management career opportunities in the healthcare sector for graduates who have this degree. Once you attain this bachelor’s degree, you can work for local, state, federal, or non governmental organizations in the healthcare industry.

Career development: If you are already working in the healthcare sector, attaining a degree in healthcare administration or Bachelor of Science in healthcare administration could be the key you need to pursue greater career opportunities in healthcare management. Most health institutions prefer to employ individuals who have experience in health care careers. However, the minimum educational requirement for most managerial positions is a bachelor’s degree in health care management or administration.

What Are The Standard Courses?

The coursework for students pursuing a bachelors’ degree in healthcare administration generally covers healthcare policy and regulations, marketing, communication and management skills. Some of the standard courses that accredited universities offer for this degree include:
  • Personnel management
  • Economics
  • Public relations
  • Medical ethics and laws
  • Accounting
  • Medical records management
  • Introduction to health and disease
  • Healthcare communication strategies
  • Healthcare information systems
  • Healthcare policy

Career Opportunities

Once you attain a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, you can explore a successful management career in the following health facilities:
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing care facilities
  • Private physician offices/clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Medical laboratories
  • Community health organizations

Depending on your experience and career goals and area of specialization/concentration, you can work in the following positions:

  • Assistant administrator.
  • Health information manager.
  • Department head.
For you to explore higher management career opportunities in the healthcare sector, you should consider advancing your education and enroll for a master’s degree in healthcare administration or any other related masters degrees.

Why Pursue This Degree Online?

Some accredited colleges offer the bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration online. There are several reasons why you should pursue this degree online. For instance, if you are already working in a healthcare institution, you may not sufficient time to pursue day or night classes depending on your working shift. Pursuing this degree online would enable you can study anytime (day or night). Furthermore, if you want to study in a university that has a great reputation but is located across state line, you can do so and overcome the geographical barriers by studying online at the comfort of your home.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for this degree may vary from one university to another. In some institutions, students who have no other college-level credentials but have a high school diploma qualify to join this degree program. However, in most accredited universities, you must have attained a specific number of college credits in order you qualify for their bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration program.
Overall, currently, a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration is one of the most marketable degrees in the healthcare sector. By pursuing this degree, you would be opening the door to a wide range of career opportunities in healthcare management and administration.