Online Master's In Education - Top Programs 2017

Every student looks forward to the day he will become a teacher after completing his coursework. Most teachers on the other hand look forward to improving their teaching skills as well as their career prospects. If you belong to this group, then pursuing online Masters in Education (MSEd or MEd) might be the right choice for you. During these tough economic times, leaving your job for full time education may not be a wise move at all. However, pursuing your masters of education online can allow you to study while working at the same time.

Complete Guide To Online Master’s In Education

By enrolling for your studies online, you will be able to attend classes and participate in discussions from the comfort of your home. Masters in Education is one of the most popular of all online Master programs. The recent advances in technology and teaching theory require teachers to be more productive. This explains why most teachers opt to upgrade their qualifications and remain competitive in the job market. The best way to achieve this without interrupting your work schedule is by enrolling in an online Master of Education program.

Courses Covered Within An Online Master’s in Education Program

In most institutions, online Masters of Education curriculum does not have a significant variation from campus based programs. The courses are focused toward specific areas such as science, mathematics, and other disciplines. The courses can also focus on educational leadership, special education, and various other educational topics. Some of the major specialty areas that are featured in online Masters in Education programs include:

  • Curriculum theory
  • Childhood development
  • Public policy
  • School administration
  • Career development
  • Behavior management
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Learning support and literacy

Benefits of Studying A Masters in Education Online

You can realize several benefits by pursuing Masters of Education. The most obvious one is the flexibility that comes with these programs. Studying online allows you to set your own schedule and study at your pace. Courses covered in the program can also count towards the continuing education credits that are essential in maintaining your teaching license. Finally, having a Masters Degree in Education can increase your chances of getting better paying jobs.

Career Opportunities

A Bachelor’s degree is enough to get you started as an educator; however, earning a Masters degree in Education can open up a number of advanced career opportunities for you. While a bachelor’s degree allows you to work as a teacher, pursuing a Masters program can allow you to take up jobs in administration as well as counseling capacities.

After completing your Master’s degree, you can choose to continue teaching in your area of interest. The key difference is that you will qualify for higher pay besides assuming head of department position. Most private schools only employ teachers with Masters degrees, thus earning your master’s degree can open up new teaching opportunities for you.

Online Masters in Education Admissions Requirements

Institutions that offer Masters of Education online require applicants to, first and foremost, prove that they have earned a bachelors degree from an accredited institution. In addition, most institutions have panels that review and approve applications based on individual’s credentials. While you can generally study remotely from the comfort of your home in most institutions, some state sponsored colleges may require online degree program students to reside in the respective states.


Any person pursuing any kind of study appreciates the importance of accreditation. When searching for a Masters of Education online program, you need to ensure that the local school administration, as well as state education boards, recognize both the institution and the program. An obvious choice would be a state sponsored college or university in the state where you intend to work. Many associations provide accreditation to programs and schools. Before initiating the application process, be sure to verify the programs accreditation. In addition, ensure that the courses covered in the program are applicable to your career objectives.

Several institutions offer online Masters in Education programs to U.S. students as well as international students. The credentials obtained from accredited online programs are as authentic as those obtained from campus based programs. A Masters of Education credential is a valuable asset for your career advancement.