Top Colleges and Universities by State 2016

With so many universities and programs in the United States, it can be difficult to know what the differences are. A Real Online Degree has ranked all the universities by state for you utilizing its proprietary ranking algorithm.

As online higher education has become more widely accepted, traditional universities are taking the step to migrate some of their on-ground programs into an online format. Many potential students don’t have the available resources to quit their job and move to a location that is within commuting distance to a college campus, so in order for colleges to provide education to these individuals they have begun to migrate their programs online.

Some individuals may have completed a two-year associates or a four-year bachelors through a public university within their state. These proud alumnus may want to continue their education at this institutions, but find it challenging due to work and life requirements post-graduation. An advanced bachelors-completion, masters, or doctoral program offered in an online format might be the best option for these alumni who are looking to continue their education at the same college.

States are also looking at ways to encourage their citizens to continue their education in an effort to position their workforce for the future. Many public universities within the United States have received state funds to advance their current education offerings, and some with a specific focus within online higher education. These programs through online state run colleges can provide students with a more affordable option when it comes to pursuing higher education.

Online Colleges by State

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