Management Information Systems


MIS or Management Information System is a combination of the structure of business management along with cutting edge technology. People who aspire to be IT experts are generally the ones who desire to go for Bachelors in MIS online or offline. The people who study this course will emerge as a more knowledgeable IT professional because their understanding of the trends prevailing in the industry would have expanded and they would have strengthened their management and IT business skills. In case you’re thinking of taking an online Bachelors in MIS degree then you should conduct proper research so that you can receive good education and training and end up passing out with enviable results.

What is studied within the program?

The curriculum of the online bachelors in Management Information Systems mainly stresses on two aspects. The first is to help students develop business knowledge and skills. The second aspect would be to enable them to use the knowledge and skills developed in real world application. There are several key concepts that are studied within this program, these include project management, interpersonal communications, organizational communications, information systems management and information technology.

Online bachelors in MIS courses cover the development, implementation and management of computer systems, communication and data for systems used within a company, department or even an individual system.

Why should someone pursue this degree?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, five out of twelve fastest growing occupations pertain to or are related to information systems. The growth in the number of new jobs is most likely to be over forty nine thousand through 2018. This is the primary reason why people pursue the online Bachelors in Management Information Systems degree, because of the fact that they can easily obtain a job as a business analyst, application developer, IT consultant or systems analyst.

Basically anyone who is interested in Management Information Systems and would like to learn more about this subject should opt for this course because the course will prepare him/her for taking on the responsibility of acquiring new IT and incorporating the same into the practices, plans and strategies of the company he/she would be working for.

What standard courses are taken?

For those who choose to opt for Bachelors in MIS online degrees, they will need to study some standard courses out of which some courses are compulsory while others are electives. In case of compulsory courses there are business courses, IT courses and general education courses.

Students study about introductions to computers, management systems and information systems primarily. Additional, they need to study about financial accounting, managerial accounting, internet business relationships, human resource management, business law and how to manage behavior in organizations. Subjects such as interpersonal and intercultural communication, micro economics & macro economics, ethics in professions, college algebra and statistics are also covered.

What career opportunities are available once completed?

Graduates that hold online Bachelors in MIS degrees have plenty of career opportunities if they decide to work in a corporate, governmental and industrial setting. This is because of the fact that an online bachelor’s degree program gives them the chance of learning new skills which could prove to be pertinent and useful to several different career paths. Some of the possible careers that one can take up with an online bachelors in Management Information Systems degree would be systems analyst, systems database administrators, application database administrators, systems architects, systems designers, and software quality assurance analysts.

Why should someone pursue this degree online?

Bachelors in MIS online degrees do come with its share of advantages and benefits but people are still faced with the dilemma of whether they should pursue this degree online or the regular way, i.e. through classroom teaching. If you know how to operate a computer and is reasonably comfortable with the concept of using the same for learning and acquiring new skills then online courses would be the best option for you.

When you choose to opt for online Bachelors in MIS you will be having the freedom to study at your own pace and in the comforts of your own house. Also, this course is definitely cheaper because there are no travelling costs and other expenses involved. Thus, people who have a busy and hectic lifestyle should pursue this degree online.

What type of requirements are needed for admission?

There are numerous institutions and colleges offering online bachelors in Management Information Systems and the eligibility criteria for admission may differ from one institute to another. As far as education prerequisites are concerned, individuals who wish to pursue this undergraduate degree should have basic computer skills and access to hardware computer systems as well as up-to-date software systems.