Public Health

Pursuing an Online Bachelor of Science Public Health Degree in any manner can be a challenge; pursuing a college degree online will alleviate many of the time constraining challenges that working adults with families need to manage. Working irregular hours and trying to maintain some semblance of a family life precludes traveling back and forth to sit in classrooms for hours. Attaining a bachelors in public health degree online is the perfect balance for career advancement while being employed and maintaining a meaningful relationship with your loved ones. An online degree program is a time flexible, independent learning, guided endeavor that is perfect for anyone looking to advance him or herself.

Curriculum of Study for an Online Degree in Public health

Bachelor degrees in public health are offered with the focus on one of two concentrated study programs; promotion of health and behavioral science or epidemiology and disease control. There is core curriculum however that is concentrated on the –
• Bio-sciences
• Health behavior
• Environmental health practices
• Public health data management
• Healthcare system
• Statistics

The major focus starts with a multi-disciplinary introduction of the fundamentals of the healthcare field. There are elective courses that permit a student’s immersion in the particular branch of public health that interests them. An online public health degree program prepares students for employment in public health, allied health and public health policy among many other career tracks.

Why Pursue an Online Bachelor of Science Public in Health Degree?

A degree in public health opens doors to a multitude of healthcare and public health careers. The pay scale in the healthcare industry commonly is above what it is in other industries, obtaining a degree will simply enhance your earning power. Additionally a degree on your resume communicates to an interviewer that you possess the follow through necessary to achieve a goal. Accomplishing a public health online bachelors degree can open opportunities in a wide variety of healthcare careers that inspires a sense of personal fulfillment and an ability to explore more varieties of work. Not many degrees offer the variety of career choices that a public health degree offers.
The Standard course of study for an online bachelors degree in public health is as stated above; sciences and healthcare intensive. There are mathematics and statistics courses along with health administration and data management. You may also find it beneficial to enroll in course studies related to —
• Computer science in health administration
• Organizational leadership and management
• Strategic planning and marketing
• Health organization financial management
Career Opportunities for those with a Bachelors in Public Health Online Degree

The career path is wide and bright for those who achieve a bachelors degree in public health online. This degree opens doors in the field of –
• Education
• Management and Administration
• Public health policy making
• Non-profit organization/community management
• Research

The only restriction of career opportunity with a public health degree is ones own imagination. The healthcare industry is experiencing exponential growth and a degree in any health related field is prized. A Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health is career flexible and highly valued. < >
What are the Benefits of an Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health Degree

There are numerous studies done on ‘Web 2.0’ online education which demonstrate that online degree training is even more effective than ‘on the grounds’ classes. Students are able to learn according to their own style of processing information, their writing and communication skills are enhanced or improved by engaging in online classes. Writing skills in particular are highly valued in a work world that is becoming a virtual office more by the day. Students online are benefited from the ‘task on time’ nature of online courses, in addition to the virtual online collaboration with other students required to master their studies.

The requirements for admission vary for online Universities; generally a high school diploma or GED are needed, a minimum age requirement (generally 16 years of age), some online schools require a demonstrated aptitude for the chosen course of study and transcripts from other schooling if applicable.

Getting an online Bachelors Degree in Public Health gives you the confirmation that you possess the skills and knowledge that transfer to almost in career in the healthcare field.