Social Work

The field social work has numerous employment opportunities specifically in social welfare, social transformation and health. In order to explore this opportunities, one should ideally obtain a bachelors degree in social work (bsw), which is the minimum requirement for accreditation across most states. If you choose to go for an online bachelors degree in social work, ensure that you choose a university with the right accreditation.

Areas of Study within the Program

In most universities across the country, students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work need to complete a minimum of about 130 hours of coursework in order to receive academic certification. The coursework typically consists of social work theory as well as practical application of social concepts. In most schools, students receive training on aspects of language, behavior and humanities. Besides these areas of study, all accredited universities must ensure that students complete an internship program under the supervision of their education instructors. It is important for students to intern at social services agencies in order to gain practical experience in the type of work they are likely to do upon graduating.

Why Should Someone Pursue This Degree?

There are several reasons why one should pursue a bachelor of social work. Here are few of them:

1. To acquire the necessary expertise for a career in social work: Even though the scope of study may vary from school to school, most students obtain valuable skills and knowledge from this degree program that prepare them for various careers in social work and enhances their comprehension of various social welfare and policy issues. Most schools allow their students to specialize in their preferred areas of social work in their second or third year of study.

2. To obtain certification: Most people pursue careers in social work because they are passionate about social welfare. However, no state grants social work certification based on either dedication or passion. As such, one should obtain a degree in social work in order to receive certification from the relevant authorities.

3. To improve career options: Some states allow individuals with various diplomas to hold positions in the social work sector. However, in order to qualify for a wide range of career opportunities, it is important to obtain a degree. The social work field is quite competitive and workers who do not have a degree in social work cannot compete effectively.

What Are The Standard Courses?

In order to receive academic certification and acquire the necessary social work skills, students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work must complete the following study course subjects:

• Social welfare policy

• Field practice

• Human behavior

• Research

What Career Opportunities Are Available Once Completed?

After completing their bachelor’s degree in social work by passing the aforementioned course units, graduates can explore career opportunities in various fields including:

Health Care

Certified social workers can explore numerous opportunities in this industry. For instance, they can work in hospitals as caregivers who generally provide emotional support to patients, prepare patients and their families for homecare programs and supervise community health outreach programs, among other duties.


Schools normally integrate qualified social workers into their systems in a bid to offer their students guidance on various developmental and psychological issues. In this sector, social workers can also work as education liaisons and thereby fulfill crucial child welfare protection duties and improve how school administrators and parents respond to children’s needs.

Community Organizations

Unlike other roles of social workers, those who work in community organizations focus primarily on communal welfare instead of the wellbeing of individuals. Here, advocacy groups that protect the rights of communities or work towards fulfilling various communal needs often employ social workers.

Social Services

This sector probably employs the largest percentage of social work graduates. Here, social workers can pursue career opportunities in housing and other welfare programs. Studies have shown that it is easier for individuals who have bachelor degrees in social work to rise to administrative positions in this sector than in other sectors.

Why Should Someone Pursue This Degree Online?

Most accredited universities offer online courses for degrees in social work at reduced costs. In view of the vast career opportunities that are available once one has completed an online degree in social work, there are various reasons why one should pursue a bachelors in social work online. For instance, online courses enable students to obtain accreditation from well-recognized schools that are in different states. Furthermore, it is easier for part time students to study online, especially if they have busy work schedules and they cannot find time to travel to and from school regularly.

Admission Requirements

Regardless of whether one decides to pursue this degree online or on-campus, there are some minimum requirements that one needs to meet in order to gain admission to accredited universities. Most schools require applicants to have attained at least a 2.7 GPA in high school. Other admission requirements vary depending on factors such as school admission policies, employment experience and additional professional training.

All in all, there are numerous benefits of obtaining a bachelors of social work degree. Various sectors of the economy have a high demand for social workers. Employers are more likely to hire well trained individuals to meet this demand.