Project Management

Earning an online Masters in Project Management is an excellent way to broaden professional prospects and build a strong, solid career. Project managers are employed by companies in many different industries all over the world, and demand for qualified individuals is growing. Advanced skills are needed in order to get a competitive edge in the workplace today, and this is especially true for professionals working in a variety of expanding industries. A Masters degree in Project Management prepares an individual for the task of being a capable team leader, able to handle complex projects from the development stages to implementation.

Areas of Focus in the Program

A Project Management program will involve certain core courses, as well as specialization courses, which must be completed successfully. Students will learn how to best handle complex projects and lead a team through each step of the way. Time, budget and costs, and quality all need to be managed carefully, and students will obtain the necessary skills to do so in an effective manner.

Since Project Management is so multi-faceted, the courses that a student must take will focus on financial concepts, risk management, innovation and development, decision making, and much more. Human and strategic issues are also touched on, as well as commercial and procurement law. To be an effective leader, one must be able to communicate to team members and ensure cohesion among the group.

Why Project Management

A Masters degree in Project Management is the ideal program of study for motivated individuals seeking to begin or advance their professional career. As industries continue to grow on a global scale, the need for strong managers with innovative ideas and a desire to lead continues to increase. Many companies today are seeking employees that are able to work as a member of a team, and good leaders are needed to foster this type of environment and create a productive team.

Individuals already working in a job like construction management, project execution, or similar areas can benefit greatly from advanced education. It is an excellent way to expand skill sets, gain new knowledge, and learn how to handle complex projects.

Standard Courses for the Degree

Certain courses are required of all students in order to complete the Masters degree in Project Management. These courses include the foundations of project management, risk management, cost management, and program management. Each university or school may come up with various names for the basic core courses, but the key elements of study remain similar.

Career Opportunities After Successful Completion

Earning an online Masters in Project Management is a very wise career move. There are employment opportunities in virtually every industry, all over the globe. The program prepares students for many different roles, including sales manager, project manager, quality management project coordinator, business planning analyst, and more.

With demand for skilled project managers on the rise, graduates have many prospects for high earning potential. The role of a project manager can be very demanding, but the rewards are often great.

Why Choose an Online Program

Online programs offer students a great deal of convenience and flexibility. Attending graduate level courses in a classroom setting may be unrealistic for many busy working professionals today. An online program is the perfect way to earn a graduate degree while working and attending to the many tasks of daily life.

Students can expect to receive the same amount of support from educators and staff members that they would in any traditional classroom environment. Communication typically occurs via email, as well through portals and student forums on the web.

There are also financial benefits to distance learning, since a student that is also working full or part-time while taking courses may be able to reduce their need for financial assistance and student loans. Commuting costs are also eliminated, as well as the time that it would take to commute to a campus and attend a class. Many professionals today are turning to online graduate programs in order to further their skill sets and advance their knowledge so that they can get ahead in their respective fields.

Requirements for Admission

Anyone seeking to enroll in a graduate program will need to have already earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Prospective students will need to complete an application for enrollment, as well as submit a copy of their official transcripts. Many schools offer a certificate for the successful completion of core courses, which can then be applied to the degree for online Masters in Project Management.