Public Health

Every person requires a reason for living. For many people there is the need to create a positive impact in the world they live in. There are a few jobs out there that could provide the necessary tools in order to create positive change in the lives of people. One of the best examples is a Masters in public health degree. A master of public health program enables the degree holder to help people through enhanced access when it comes to medical treatment and enlightened understanding of health care policies.

What is a Masters in Public Health Program?

A public health masters degree offers students the capability to have a strong background in the core disciplines of public health. A masters program in public health also ensures that the candidate is able to experience a practice-oriented strategy towards learning. This method is made possible through the use of real-life examples and related case studies. If a candidate enrolls in a reputable university, he or she is able to interact with scholars and practitioners from government, health, and nonprofit sectors. Finally, candidates to the Masters public health program would be able to experience the thrill of fieldwork in order to apply knowledge and insights gleaned from numerous years of study.

Those who have the inclination to serve in the health care industry must pursue this program because the field of public health challenges its professionals to deal with complex health issues. There is a great need for professionals who can help increase access to quality health care, the capability to control infectious disease, possess the know how to reduce environmental hazards.

The most important reason why health care providers must consider pursuing a Masters degree in public health is due to the fact that this program is geared towards serving others. A successful candidate has the chance to serve local, national, and international communities. They become professionals who are charged with the need to protect the public health in the present time and in the future.

What Types of Courses Are Completed?

The masters of public health program requires the completion of at least seven standard and core courses that addressed the following subject matter: epidemiology; biostatistics; social sciences; health systems administration and policy; environmental health; public health law; and research methods.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, graduates of the masters of public health program must expect a faster than average growth in the area of health care management. The projected increase in demand also includes public health managers. The U.S. Department of Labor also remarked that additional demand comes from the need to recruit workers and increase employee retention.

The graduates of the said program are expected to lead in terms of creating a better working environment for health workers as well as to assist in the transition phase in compliance to changing regulations, the implementation of new technology, and the need to improve the health of respective communities through the use of preventive care strategies.

Why Pursue a Public Health Masters Degree Online?

Those who are able to hurdle the challenges inherent in the said program are assured of a stable and enjoyable job. However, most of those who are eligible and yearning to complete the program are currently employed and therefore, they have no time to go to a local university and pursue their dreams. Fortunately, an online Masters degree program is available for them. The main purpose for the creation of an online master of public health program is to enable greater access for those who have limited resources and subjected to time constraints. It is important to point out that there are certain universities that offer a discount for international students who prefer to study using the online system.

What is Required To Apply For the Program?

In order to be admitted to the said program a candidate must have completed a related bachelor’s degree with a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0. It is also imperative that the student has completed a statistics course at the undergraduate level. There is also a need for a sealed official transcript from college or university attended. The candidate must also submit an essay of 500 to 750 words. The said essay must explain why the candidate enrolled in the said program and how his or her personal and professional background relates to the completion of the online masters in public health program.