Executive MBA

An Executive Master of Business Administration Degree, or EMBA, is designed distinctively for the working executive or business leader. It is a graduate level degree that is tailor made to further develop management skills and is typically team oriented so students can learn from the experiences of others. The primary difference in an Executive MBA and an MBA is that the EMBA is designed for goal and career oriented working business executives wanting to further their careers while the MBA is designed for those who are entering the business world and first establishing their careers.

What is Studied Within an Executive MBA?

Most Executive MBA programs are designed for two year completion. While earning an EMBA students can expect to curriculum that includes: management perspective, market performance evaluation, general management, information and operation systems management, and communication skill building courses. The first year of study will require these or other similar classes. In the second year the executive will develop more precise management skills such as: environmental analysis, global competition dynamics, strategic planning for growth and profit, strategic change and implementation management, and management for the future.

Typically executives pursue and EMBA to advance their already established careers. Most institutions design the curriculum for this degree for the working business professional and classes are available at campus based schools on nights and weekends coupled with online course. Other universities offer Executive MBA online exclusively. There are many online Executive MBA programs available from a variety of universities.

Top Executive MBA programs have a standard set of classes. The names may be different but the content is the same. These will include classes like: financial, managerial and senior accounting, data analysis, decision modeling, corporate finance, financial management, global economics, marketing management, corporate venturing, organizational change, leadership and human capital, leadership and teamwork, market and industry transformation, and competition, strategy, and globalization. The course load will vary slightly depending on the executive’s area of expertise but this is what a typical program will consist of.

What Career Opportunities Are Available Upon Degree Completion?

After the EMBA is completed a broad expanse of career opportunities become available to the already working executive. While the positions available to the graduate are typically limited their area of expertise, many will find doors opened that were previously closed both nationally and internationally. EMBA degree holders can find themselves working as business professors or associate deans, program directors for various government and private offices, CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, managing partners, high level administrative assistants, IT program directors, college level department heads, and many other positions in various fields.

Online Executive MBA programs are widely available and quickly becoming some of the top Executive MBA programs offered nationally. The Executive MBA online can be obtained from the comfort of the business professional’s home and at their convenience. These online Executive MBA program are designed specifically for the working individual and are easily accessible for the middle aged working executive, manager, or business leader.

What is Required For Admission Into An EMBA?

There are some requirements that must be met for admission to an Executive MBA program but this will vary by institution. Some schools base admission to the program on work history alone requiring a five year minimum of business management and then your actual work history: Do you work well as a team member? Are you goal oriented? Do you demonstrate management potential? These are things that will determine admission if no undergraduate degree is required. Other programs require an undergraduate degree for admission and some will allow admission without an undergraduate degree based on the individual’s GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test. Requirements are different for each institution so the student should find the school that is best suited to his/her experience and education level before applying for admission.

Whether earning an Executive MBA through an online or campus based program, it will be beneficial in furthering the career of any executive, business leader or manager. Most programs offer flexible schedules and if earning an Executive MBA online the student can set their own schedule.