Project Management MBA

Having a bachelor’s degree is no longer enough to distinguish yourself on the job market because employers are now looking for job seekers with extra credentials and skills. For instance, if you have an online MBA project management qualification, employers are more likely to notice you. To back that fact up, according to a survey published by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2009, 90% of company executives view project management as critical to business operations. Read on to learn more about what it takes to make it as a top MBA project manager.

What Students Learn Within an MBA Program?

By enrolling in an MBA program, you will learn how to manage effectively a wide range of business aspects including managing human resources, finances, analyzing business performance, as well as factors that affect profitability. In addition, you will learn how to ensure that employees finish projects on time and work within the budget.

Why Should You Pursue This Type of MBA?

The certification offers more than just eye-catching credentials on your résumé. A Study carried out by the Project Management Institute (PMI) shows that American employers are going to require at least 1.2 million project managers in the next 10 years. If this is not enough to whet your appetite for an online MBA project management course, consider the salary figures published by The median annual salary for professionals in this field is about $97,595. However, you can earn even more depending on various factors including years of relevant experience and employer. While entry-level positions pay, on average, about $50,000 per year, in five years or so, that amount could increase to $75,000 and in excess of $100,000 in another five years. With such great earning potential, you should probably consider an MBA in project management online.

Standard Courses

Some of the standard courses subjects include financial accounting, strategic operations management, organizational strategy, finance and value creation, project planning and management, project procurement, data analysis, as well as risk assessment and mitigation. Some online courses also include other introductory courses.

Career Opportunities Upon Graduation

The good news is MBA project management online graduates can work in many industries, including working for oil and gas companies, construction firms, federal bodies, nonprofit organizations, community colleges, aerospace and defense contractors, military, and consulting firms. Some of the common titles associated with this profession include program director, project lead, consultant, project specialist, project coordinator, and senior project manager. These titles may vary depending on employer and your current job title.

Why Pursue this MBA Online

In the recent past, online studies have made great strides aided by advances in technology. By choosing to study this MBA online, you will be able to schedule classes to suit your busy lifestyle. Moreover, you do not have to be physically present in the United States to take your MBA classes. For instance, you could be meeting clients in the Middle East and still attend your classes, provided you have access to the Internet.

Admission Requirements

Most academic institutions require one to have a Bachelor’s degree from a learning institution accredited by the US Department of Education. Secondly, you must have a GPA of 2.3 or higher. International students require proof of English proficiency.

Indeed, numerous learning institutions have started to offer online MBA project management programs. As a result, it is now easier for busy executives to acquire extra education credentials. A typical Project Management MBA program will prepare you to lead an organization more effectively. Some of the course subjects you are likely to study in such a program include data analysis, project planning and management, assessing and mitigating risk, as well as organizational strategy. With the knowledge and skills you acquire, you would be able to work as a project lead, project manager, or project specialist. Besides the numerous job opportunities, individuals with this qualification generally earn above-average salary, the national wage index in the US in 2011 was 42,979.61, according to the US Social Security Administration, and one can double his or her salary in about 10 years.