Competition in the job market is constantly on the rise. A college education is less of a novelty and more of the norm and simply having a degree doesn’t guarantee anything. A master’s degree is a helpful tool to put applicants ahead of the rest in any potential employer’s eyes.

More Focused Education

For those who have received a bachelor’s degree in a generic major, going back to school for a master’s degree gives them a chance to specialize in a certain field. Many students enter into their third or fourth year of undergrad with no idea of what they want to do as a career. After graduation, students are able to search for jobs and get to know the workforce a little better. When they have an idea of the kind of field they are interested in, it is extremely beneficial to go back to school and focus on that area as closely as possible. For example, a business degree may turn into a master’s of international business. They are able to learn the best techniques and newest technologies through their program.

 Add to Your Resume

An applicant with a master’s degree on their resume gives them an automatic step up in the job market. It lets employers know that they have specialized knowledge in the field and were able to complete another two to three years of education. The course load in a master’s programs is typically more challenging than regular undergraduate work. It is also more difficult to get into masters programs exemplifying the student’s positive abilities. A master’s degree can be just as productive as a few years of work experience in the field because students are learning the necessary techniques available.

 Up to Date Employees

Through a master’s program, students are likely to learn the newest and most successful programs in their field. Employers understand that they must be consistently up to date with the newest technologies if they wish to thrive in the ever-changing business world. Because of this, many companies are willing to pay some, if not all of tuition costs to insure their employee’s reliability. Entering the work force with a master’s degree will offer companies a financial advantage because they can guarantee the reliability of their worker without having to pay the costs of tuition.


In many fields, an employee’s salary can be dramatically affected by a master’s degree. Two people can be hired at the same time for the same position but the master’s degree holder is most likely going to have a higher paying salary than the other. On average, people with a master’s degree earn about $10,000 more per year that those holding a bachelor’s degree. Depending on the field, this amount can be drastically more or slightly less. In engineering sciences, the financial gap can be up to $30,000 per year. The enhanced salary will quickly pay off any loans that may have been acquired during the program and will set workers up to have a fully supported lifestyle.

 School Connections

In a world where who you knows matters greatly, being able to connect with people on a personal level is a great help. Going to school for another two years gives students the opportunity to interact with people with similar interests, thus broadening their connections socially and professionally. Also, if a student’s undergraduate school isn’t one of the best in the country, a master’s degree from a better school will greatly increase their reputation and resume. By going to two different schools, there is a much higher chance that a future employer attended or knew a friend who attended one of the same universities. The more ways applicants have to connect to an employer the better.

A master’s degree in any field will be incredibly helpful. Whether the ultimate purpose is a financial gain or higher education of a particular field, they look excellent on a resume. Having and master’s degree will put employees a step above the competition while applying to jobs and while in an official position.