Social workers are an influential group of people with a determination to instigate change in others. They are involved with every ethnic group, age, and gender and work to make their lives a little bit easier. The field of social work has a variety of career opportunities.

 Child Welfare

One of the most well-known and respected sections of social work involves caring for children. Many social workers are involved in orphanages or child abuse facilities. They will often work alongside child protective services. These workers have the ability to communicate effectively without allowing personal feelings to get involved. They interact well with kids and many social workers have a large impact on their client’s lives. Most of the children involved come from shattered homes and need physical and emotional help to regain their self-esteem and worth. Most people within this field earn between $25,000 and $50,000, depending on the area they live in.


The counseling of children and adults makes a huge impact on how they perceive the world and their actions within it. Most schools offer in-class counselors to insure their students are on the right track to get a proper education but to also offer guidance and advice when necessary. Students are encouraged to talk to their counselors in case of any emergency at home or in their personal lives. Adults will frequently go to counseling for personal catastrophes and situational guidance. Women will regularly see counselors while recovering from physical abuse for support and encouragement to make a positive change in their lives. Families who experience the sudden death of a loved one will often seek the help of grief counselors who will direct them down the most effective healing path. An annual salary for social workers tends to earn between $35,000 and $65,000 per year.

 Medical Welfare

Social workers can also be found in almost any medical field available. They are involved in pediatrics, nursing homes, hospice centers, and public hospitals. These workers insure that patients are getting the best care provided and that they are fully aware of any and all medical decisions being made. Social workers are especially important in the mental health field. They regularly interact with their patients, working with them to achieve the most effective healing regiment possible. Their job may involve distributing medication, assessing mental stability, or simply interacting with clients to give them the most comfortable arrangement possible. Generally, those within the medical field of social workers earn between $40,000 and $58,000

 Public Facilities

Many social workers find jobs within public facilities that discourage drug and alcohol abuse or offer sanctuary for the homeless. Alcoholics and drug addicts will seek refuge in personal and individual meetings to attempt to set their lives in order. They can check themselves into facilities that will force them to be cut off from their damaging drug. The workers within these facilities encourage the residents to want to change their lifestyles and offer various plans that can be catered to each individual’s needs. Social workers also help those that are homeless or without a job. There are public facilities open every night so the homeless can have a bed to sleep in and a warm plate of food to eat. These temporary homes set up job interviews with partner companies to help the residents get back on their feet. The salary of a public facility worker can range from $25,000 to $60,000 depending on their experience and job title within the facility.

Social work is an incredibly self-satisfying career with many opportunities in a variety of fields. Whether you are interested in medicine, education, or counseling, some form of social work is available and in demand. Their careers make an immense change in people’s lives every day.