According to Forbes Magazine, Management Information Systems (MIS) is the eighth most useful degree in the world. The growing dependency on technological platforms has created a number of jobs for those familiar with programming and new software.

 IT Specialist

Information specialists work within a company to test and evaluate network systems. They maintain and update technologies to insure that the office is running smoothly. The IT guy is the one you call at two in the morning when your computer crashes. Most major corporations have an entire IT department available so they can walk people through downloading new software or fixing a problem. Those who work for a technology company will interact with people both internally and externally. They are generally very successful at analyzing situations and fixing problems without actually being at the computer. The average annual salary for an entry position is $50,000 and the career has an expected growth of 26%.

 Systems Analyst

The Computer Systems Analyst research and recommend the computer softwares used within a company. They observe the most used programs and figure out the most useful and modern technologies that will make the company as efficient as possible. They must figure out the monetary value of updating a company and compare it to the projected growth after the transition. If companies heed their advice, they will oversee the installation. Systems Analysts work alongside the IT Specialists to educate them on the workings of these new programs. Together they will test the networks for accuracy and make sure the average user can comprehend the proceedings. The average salary for a Systems Analyst is $77,500 and the career is rising at a rate of 22% as more companies turn to electronic databases.


Computer programmers have the ability to understand the various computer languages and are able to effectively write in them. They test current programs for bugs or errors and update older ones to maintain competition for their company. Some programmers create their own software completely. However, they generally work alongside software developers to create the language and come up with ideas for new formats. They will create datasheets that explain their purpose and the translation to computer language. Depending on the project, some programmers will work on the same thing for multiple years. Programmers work both for programming companies and for major corporations. The average salary for a programmer is $71,000 and the anticipated rate of growth is 14% over the next five years.

 Web Designer

As their title suggests, web designers create websites. They meet with clients to discuss and comprehend their purpose for the site and their ideas for design. The web designers will control the layout of the site and must insure the links within work efficiently. They can get pretty creative with the content on the site while using programming languages. They will include text, audio, visual, and videos to make it look as appealing as possible. After the site is completed, they will observe and record the traffic that travels through. The more traffic they are able to generate, the more successful it will be. The average salary of a web designer is $75,000 and is expected to grow by 22% through 2020.

 Database Administrator

Database Administrators work within companies to create organizational platforms. They organize financial information and create databases that are easy to access and understand for those with less technological expertise. They will specialize the databases to cater to their company. The administrators will test them regularly to insure they are fast and working correctly. They will work on older platforms to transfer information or back up the files so no data is lost in the case of a computer crash or memory overload. Security is a major concern, so they will work alongside software developers to create safe and secure databases that won’t be accessed by hackers or the outside world. The average salary for a database administrator is $74,000 and the job is expected to grow by a rapid 31%.

MIS careers have some of the highest growth rates for available careers. The constant demand for jobs is a great reason to get interested in this major.