Digital Learning Day is part of a continuous campaign and effort to improve digital learning experiences that take place in the classroom, library, at home, or when students attend after-school programs. Below are some key facts to know about Digital Learning Day.

2016 Digital Learning Day Theme

This year’s Digital Learning Day is on February 17, 2016. Moreover, its theme is “Transforming Learning: Innovation and Opportunities in DL and Beyond.” Some of the activities that will take place on this day include workshops, seminars, and presentations aimed at encouraging students, educators, and policymakers in Washington, DC to spread the digital learning message. In addition, event conveners will also hold a high-profile discussion on pertinent issues related to digital learning. Similar discussions will also take place at workshops and gatherings that will take place across the nation on the same day.

University Resources for Digital Learning Day
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New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Masters in Civil Engineering program has built this digital poster explaining the rise of women in the STEM workforce. This tool is ideal for inspiring female youth who are interested in science, technology, engineering and math topics.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.25.24 PM

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New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Masters in Computer Science program has created a fascinating video which explains how science fiction has predicted the future of computer science. This tool a builds bridge between pop culture and the newest technologies of our time.

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Boston University’s Master in Criminal Justice program designed a jaw-dropping infographic that visualizes new technologies in criminal justice. This resource is a powerful way to peak the interest of the future crime fighting generation.

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Ohio University’s Master of Science in Civil Engineering program designed a compelling digital post that outlines civil engineering breakthroughs that came about after modern disasters. This graphic takes an interesting look at the how engineers work to learn from their mistakes and make sure that we do not repeat the dark marks of history.

The Forth Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Note: All of these resources are free to share and publish with credit to the appropriate university and program. If you’re looking to create your own information resource, it might be time to try out something like a simple video explainer.


History of Digital Learning Day

According to the president of the Alliance for Excellent Education, Bob Wise, the first Digital Learning Day was held in 2012, meaning 2016 will mark the fifth anniversary of this initiative. Since its inauguration, Digital Learning Day has become a popular learning awareness event held annually to encourage parents, teachers and students to embrace technology as an instructional aid. However, this initiative would not be successful without the help of corporate sponsors who have backed the initiative. It is worth noting that the organizers of this initiative, the Alliance for Excellent Education, do not solely focus on championing digital learning experiences. In fact, they back other causes that could improve learning such as school reforms aimed at increasing access to educational opportunities, involvement of teachers in designing instructional programs, and providing student-centered learning to prepare students entering the job market or pursuing further studies.