The engineering field is constantly increasing alongside our growth and knowledge of technology, medicine, and the world around us. Whether your interest lies in the field of health or managerial work, there is a relatable and interesting division available.

 Civil Engineer

Civil engineers have designed and over seen the construction of the majority of necessary buildings, roads, and bridges we see today.  By delicately scrutinizing available building materials and financial aspects, they are able to produce safe and reliable products. It is recommended that those interested in becoming an engineer, specifically a civil engineer, must complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and be licensed through the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. The field is catered towards those good at mathematics and physics but you will take a variety of classes scoping the sciences. The median wage of civil engineers is around $78,000 and the field is expected to grow at a rate of 19% over the next seven years.

 Engineering Manager

For those more interested in the business side of the engineering realm, engineering management is the place to be. Most workers in this field graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering specialty and it is highly recommended that they complete a Master’s degree in Business or Engineering Management. This career entails making detailed plans, managing research and development, and interacting with the members of other sections. Engineering Managers are usually good at working with a budget and can effectively interact to insure that the client’s wants and needs are being met. The current average pay is about $119,300 per year and is expected to increase by 9% over the next 6 years.

 Computer Hardware Engineer

To become a Computer Hardware Engineer, a Bachelor’s Degree is computer engineering or electrical engineering is acceptable. The duties of this career are designing computer hardware and blueprints of equipment, testing computerized models, and updating existing equipment. They work with the physical parts of the computer including keyboards, circuit boards, and computer chips. Compute Hardware Engineers often work with software developers to make sure their equipment are cohesive and work well together. The current average salary is $98,800 and the career is expected to increase by about 9% over the next few years.

 Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineers are developed from years of chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses. A Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering will give you entry into the field while a Graduate Degree allows you to become a professor or research instructor. Aerospace Engineers are in charge of designing and manufacturing aircrafts and aerospace products. They make sure each product is safe and reliable and meets the necessary qualities and standards. There are jobs available within the government working for top-secret corporations as well as working for major airlines. The average yearly pay is $97,500 and the career is expected to grow by about 5% per year.

 Biomedical Engineers

The fastest growing engineering field available today is Biomedical Engineering. To begin in this field, you must first complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering. In this field you will focus on engineering and biological sciences, many programs work alongside hospitals merging the coursework with lab work. They are separated into two fields, one focusing on the medical aspects and the other focusing on the mathematical and statistical portion. Biomedical Engineers are in charge of designing artificial organs and devices to diagnose medical problems. They work closely with medical technologies and specialists to make sure they are fully informed of the workings of each machine. The average yearly salary is $81,540 and the career is expected to explode over the next ten years at a whopping rate of 62%.

Engineering is a great field to consider if you are interested in mathematics and sciences. All engineering careers help out society in a big way and offer a large monetary return.