Computer science is a growing major across the world. It is the result of an explosion in knowledge of and demand for computer technologies. There are multiple careers that stem from this major that are both interesting and monetarily rewarding.


Information Systems Manager

An information systems manager works within a company or organization to insure their computers are as relevant and up to date as possible. They analyze systems to discover updates and new software that will increase the speed and reliability of their systems. A major concern within corporations is security, a duty that the information systems manager is in charge of. They will constantly update firewalls or other protective software so no outside source can access the company’s private files. Some managers will be in charge of relatable finances. They will predict the cost of an upgrade and measure the costs and benefits of purchasing or staying away from it. Information systems managers generally make about $115,000 and the career is expected to grow by 18% over the next few years.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts oversee all the computer programs within a company and turn to the managerial team with recommendations. They observe the purpose of the company to determine what is most valuable to the employees and consumers. Relatable technologies will be considered and the one that is predicted to help the organization the most will be presented to management. The analyst will explain the benefits and give an estimated total cost for the company’s transition. If management agrees, the analyst will instigate the change and oversee the entire instillation. After the new software is up and running, the analyst will preform multiple tests to insure its reliability and simplicity. Post instillation, they will educate the IT department on the norms and responsibilities of the software, so they are able to fix any problems that arise. The average computer systems analyst makes $78,000 and the career is expected to grow by 22% over the next five years.

 Computer Programmer

Compute programmers speak the foreign language that is computer code. They fully understand Java and C++, both are used to write the basis for new software. Programmers are a go between for software developers and the computers. They will take an idea and turn the basic language into one that the computer can understand. Once they have completed a program, it is very likely that they will continue working on it for an extended period of time. They will produce upgrades and new versions or sub-sections of the initial software. Programmers are also in charge of debugging software. They will test and fix any apparent problems before the software is given to the developer or the public. The average salary of a computer programmer is about $71,000 and the career is expected to grow by 12% through 2020.

 Web Developer

Web developers are less involved in software and more involved in websites. They are in charge of the look and technical workings within the sites. It is their responsibility to get the links working effectively. They will meet with clients to get a full understanding on the website they are looking for. Then they will pitch potential content and begin to write the code using HTML or XML. The developers must find relevant images and video clips, then insure their clarity before posting them to the page. The developers will present their work to clients for inspection, before posting anything officially. Many web developers will monitor the traffic that goes through the sites to learn what should and should not be on it. The average web developer makes about $75,000 annually and the career has a projected growth of 22% over the next few years.


Computer Science careers are on a dramatic incline and are becoming more and more valuable with time. It is host to many high paying careers and the major is relevant in any career that utilizes computers.