Every year, we see the cost of tuition rising. With this rise, students must either increase the amount of loan money taken out each year, or look into finding a job. There are a number of benefits, outside of making money, that are offered and there are many part-time jobs that cater to a student’s time constraints.

 Work for Your School

Most colleges and universities offer a variety of positions that are specifically set-aside for students. They are part-time, have flexible hours, and are generally not intensely difficult. For those who are organized and have good clerical skills, working as a secretary for the library or main offices is a practical job. Working within the school will give you the opportunity to get to know the faculty and staff, while interacting with fellow students. Proving to members of the staff that you are a hard and reliable worker could result in good recommendations for potential employers. They will look favorably upon letters from reportable professors or administrators. If you are working on campus, it will also limit the cost of transportation. It is possible that you will be able to walk or ride your bike to work everyday.


For those who enjoy spending time with kids and are looking into a career involving them, babysitting is a great job. It will teach you patience and help you learn to be a leader. If you are looking into elementary education, it will give you hands on experience with young kids and demonstrate the different learning techniques each may use. The hours are generally in the afternoon and evening, which are great for students, and employers will mostly pay in cash. Babysitting for two hours each afternoon and on weekends can really add up. Also, if you do a good job, parents are likely to recommend you to their friends. By word of mouth, babysitting can generate a lot of business.


Students who grew up around sports but decided to retire after high school should look into coaching positions in their area. If you have years of experience in a particular sport, there is a good chance you will get hired as a head or assistant coach. Coaching is a great way to interact with kids and stay active. It is more fun then sitting behind a desk and can be very rewarding. There is no better way to develop leadership skills than coaching and it forces you to involve strategy and a positive attitude into your work. Depending on the age of the kids, hours will generally be in the late afternoon and early evening. These will fit well around your own class schedule and leave time to do homework later on at night. If you are thinking about becoming a professional coach, there is no better time to start than in college. You can begin at the bottom and work your way up through the ages and leagues, until you reach your desired level.


Working in a restaurant is a great way to make money while interacting with dozens of people. Employers will be looking for students who are good with people and have no problem being on their feet all day. They will be inclined to hire a bright, fresh new person to greet at the door and welcome in patrons. Because of how fast paced the food industry is, future employers will recognize that you are able to react quickly and think on your feet. They will also see that you have good memorization skills and can stay organized, both of which are necessary when dealing with visitors. Depending on the specialization of the restaurant, hours will be clumped throughout the day. Most dinner places will only require nighttime shifts, which leave time for classes throughout the morning and afternoon. If you are looking into working for a breakfast/lunch place, it leaves room for evening and night classes. Working in a restaurant is a fast paced and exciting job that demands respect from future employers.

Part-time jobs are in abundance for students, if they take the time to look for them. These jobs will help you make money, teach you important life skills, and demonstrate to future employers that you are reliable and hard working.