Real estate is a self-fulfilling career that has experienced a dramatic climb in the past few months. The workers make their own hours while interacting personally with an array of individuals. There are a variety of different fields within real estate that are available for consideration.

 Commercial Brokers

Commercial brokers exchange the ownership of non-residential properties. They are involved in office spaces, industrial facilities, and retail spaces. This particular sect of brokers can be hired by international companies or small business owners. They find properties of every size and shape for companies to create new businesses or franchises. Most commercial brokers have a bachelor’s degree in real estate and all have completed the necessary real estate licensing requirements. They are paid on a commission-based scale, thus the harder they work, the more they will earn. As their experience grows, their income can simultaneously grow. Because the field is commercial based, wages can range from $30,000 to $200,000 annually.

Residential Brokers

This section of real estate deals with individual residential exchanges. Buying a house is an incredibly important part a persons’ life so they tend to seek the help of a professional. Residential brokers locate houses within their client’s price range and allow them access to view the facilities. They hear about the best deals as soon as they are available and are able to direct traffic to the sellers. The brokers have relationships with both buyers and sellers to insure that each get a great deal. Each broker must have the minimum of a high school degree and pass a written test provided by the state. Most brokers have a college level education and are members of the National Association of Realtors. Residential real estate is the most popular field of real estate and the medium pay is about $60,000 per year.

 Real Estate Appraisal

Real estate appraisers manage the financial aspects of real estate. They determine the costs of the properties and attempt to predict the future costs. Appraisers determine the costs by taking into account depreciation and income potential. To do this, they examine the surrounding areas and base their findings off of zoned schools and shopping centers. Appraisers take into account any natural disasters that are common in the area as well as man made disasters that have happened or are known to happen. They are constantly accessing governmental databases and public records to insure their financial estimations are as accurate as possible. A bachelor’s degree and licensing through the Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser is required to interact with clients. The average salary for a real estate appraiser is $50,000 annually.

 Property Management

Property managers maintain the financial aspects of residential and business properties. They are prevalent in rental agreements and it is their duty to make sure the renters and owners are on professional and agreeable terms. If there are any immediate problems with the properties, the manager makes arrangements for professionals to come in and fix them. They are also in charge of finding tenants and showing the property to any potential investors. The managers must have a real estate broker’s license and a college degree is highly recommended. The average salary is if about $45,000, depending on the location.

 Land Development

Land developers are in charge of finding land that is suitable for homes and businesses. They select sights for contractors to begin building on based on location, land, and accessibility. Developers are able to turn barren land into highly profitable developments that increase the personal traffic within the towns or cities. They are relevant in the entire building process. It is their job to find the land, determine adequate structures to be built, and advertise the benefits of the area to draw in residence. The median starting salary for a developer is about $36,000 while those promoted to management positions have an average salary of $118,000. The potential to rise after a few years of work is very high and developers can see a large salary growth.


Real Estate careers are available in a variety of fields that can cater to each individual’s interests. The prices of both commercial and residential properties are growing and the best time to enter this career path is while the trend is on the rise.