Teachers are an influential part of society that can severely affect dozens of children’s lives. They teach life lessons and give their students an education that will shape their entire futures. 

Constantly Learning

History, English and science are continually changing subjects that force teachers to be up to date in their knowledge of the world around them. Every significant event of this generation becomes a part of history for the next and every new scientific development becomes a daily subject. They say that the best way to understand something is to be able to teach and that is exactly what teachers do. They are perpetually learning along side their students, whether that involves their particular subject or adopting newly developed learning methods and theories. They must constantly cater their lesson plans to include relevant and important information.

Interact with People

A teacher will never sit in a secluded corner office for fourty hours a week. Teachers listen and explain subjects and ideology to their students and do their utmost to make them fully understand. Most of their day is spent standing in front of a classroom, getting their students excited about History or Spanish. Communication is key in being a successful teacher so those with good explanatory skills will thrive in this profession. As teachers become more and more comfortable in their classroom and with their kids, friendships will form. Teachers are constantly on the move and attempting to share their love of learning.

Influence Lives

A teacher can range from a second mom to a mentoring friend, depending on the age group. Elementary children see teachers in a parental role, they teach their kids how to share, treat each other equally, and how to learn in a team environment. In high school, some teachers are sought out as mentors. Teenagers will go to them with personal decisions and ask advice that can potentially change their futures. Children of all ages will remember an influential teacher for the rest of their lives. They may adopt similar attitudes and attempt to duplicate them for their own kids in the future. While some say high school is the most difficult time in a person’s life, just as many will say that those four years were the best of their lives because of their teachers.

Good Benefits

One major factor of a lifelong career is the benefits offered. Teaching careers offer a series of health insurance as well as pension plans. Vision and dental are often included and all schools offer paid sick days. If a teacher works in a private school, their kids are accepted for severely discounted fees or even free tuition. They are able to get the best education possible without paying thousands of dollars a year. Teachers who are given tenure have a guaranteed job for as long as they want, as long as they don’t commit some severe fault.

 Good Hours

For those interested in having a family while working, there is no better career than teaching. Most teachers work the same hours as their kids and are able to spend the evenings with them at home. Both winter and summer breaks are longer and teachers have the option of choosing to work during the summer. Women who are wanting to have children can plan their pregnancy so they aren’t forced to take time off work. If the baby is due during the summer time, they are able have two to three months at home with their child before beginning work again in the fall. The hours for teaching are unmatchable for budding parents.

Teaching is a life changing experience that is an extremely fulfilling career. Teachers can find time for work and their own lives as well.