Internships are now becoming a necessity when looking for high paying jobs straight out of college. While some wait until the month before graduation, it is considerably more beneficial to take part in an internship throughout the course of your student life.

Work Experience

Most employers are more concerned with the experience you have to offer, than the number of hours spent babysitting. By participating in an internship in college, there is a higher chance you will be offered positions right after graduation. Continuing an internship throughout the school year, gives companies an opportunity to see your work ethic in a part-time situation. Therefore, they can make an informed decision whether or not to extend an invitation as soon as you are able to work full time. 

Knowledge of the Field

Simply because we have an idea of what a specific field might have in store for us, doesn’t necessarily mean we will be right. At most companies, recent graduates start at the bottom and must build there way up. If you hate the entry-level jobs of a company or field, it is more time efficient to realize while you are still in school. If you are still in school, you most likely won’t be dependent on the payment of the company and can have the option of quitting or looking for different companies after the allotted time. If necessary, this time can give students the option to transfer majors or refocus their interests. On the other hand, there is a good chance that you will love the company and will be excited and confident to enter that realm. 


One of the many benefits for a starving college student is that of monetary compensation. Money is always a plus and there are a number of paid internships available. Pocketing a few bucks doing something interesting and extremely helpful is never a bad thing and that isn’t the only compensation available. Many schools offer credit hours for internships that can be connected through the school. By completing a certain number of hours within the school year, either in the summer previous or during the actual year, this time can take the place of required courses. Being active in a productive workplace seems quite a bit more appealing than sitting through 18 weeks of lectures. 

Resume Stuffer

When applying for a job you have two, maybe three opportunities to impress your future employer. To receive an interview, it is essential that your resume is as full with concrete titles and positions as possible. What better way than to have an internship with a reputable company at the top of the list? Being chosen to hold a steady position is appealing because it shows you have something to offer the business world. A good GPA looks good on paper but employers are more interested in how they know they will be able to rely on you. Being able to focus on what you did and learned at a company will bring you up a step in the competition.


Perhaps one of the best aspects of an in-college internship is the ability to network. Meeting and creating good relationships with members of a field that interests you, can be invaluable. So much of the workforce today depends on who you know and their perceptions of you. If a manager can vouch for your dependability and work ethic, the company is likely to put your resume at the top of the list. By participating in an internship, you are interacting with a group of professional people on a daily basis. In that environment, it is only natural to form relationships, on both business and personal levels.

Internships that take place while you are still in school are invaluable. They can build up your resume and cause important relationships to form. With a little luck, a full time job can be the outcome. Why wait until you are scrambling financially to start sticking your head into the business world?