As the economy seems to be at a standstill, it is getting more and more difficult for college graduates to find work. When a student decides to pursue a master’s degree, it is important to find the best field. Here is a list of the top 10 careers in 2012 for master’s degree graduates.

1. Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is highly respected in the medical profession. It is a career similar to a full doctor and duties include caring for sick individuals. Individuals who specialize in surgery may assist in certain procedures. A physician assistant must ultimately answer to a licensed doctor, but normally makes decisions without help.

Most physician assistants will earn approximately $100,000 per year. It is a competitive field, but employment projections predict an increase of up to 30% for jobs in this area. This career is in high demand and brings a stable career and the ability to find a job in any area of the country.

2. Computer Science

As technology continues to advance, computer science majors will find a multitude of career opportunities. People who understand software development, design, and analysis are in high demand. Computer science is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to grow 20% in the next few years. Median salary in this field is approximately $110,000 per year. One benefit of working in computer science is the low stress levels associated with the career.

3. Electrical Engineering

An electrical engineer will design, test, and oversee electrical equipment during the manufacturing process. Since this career deals with the communication industry and power generation, it is a promising field to enter after receiving a master’s degree. Most people will receive $120,000 per year and the job outlook is quite high. One of the biggest advantages of this job is the skills that are acquired are transferable to other fields. Many electrical engineers are capable of doing well in the business world.

4. Information Systems

Information Systems is a job with high expected growth. Individuals with a master’s degree will have excellent job prospects. Most information systems managers oversee an organization’s software development, network security, and other business operations. They deal with a business’s strategic needs and keep abreast of new technology. Projected growth in this field is almost 25% more than at the present time and pay is approximately $95,500 a year.

5. Mathematics

Mathematicians with a master’s degree normally find employment with the government. Jobs may involve scientific applications or computational science. The advantages associated with mathematics are that it helps a person understand the changing world and gives someone the ability to think and solve problems in a reasonable way. This field is expected to grow almost 25% in the near future and affords comfortable income at approximately $92,000 a year.

6. Physics

A graduate with a master’s degree in Physics may be able to find employment in a research lab or in the classroom. Many employers are finding it hard to discover people with solid skills in science and are willing to pay a good salary to those who have it. The wages for a person in this field are approximately $115,000 a year. The opening for jobs in the science of physics is estimated to increase by 20% over the next few years.

7. Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapist treats patients that are sick, injured, or disabled. They help to improve skills that are necessary to participate in everyday activities. This career is high in demand and growing at a rate of 33% each year. There are many benefits to the career including flexibility and low stress levels. Daily routine is always changing, so boredom never sets in. This profession also makes a nice salary at around $80,000 a year.

8. Health Care Administration

A health care administrator usually is responsible for the clerical and financial part of the medical field. Similar to other jobs in medicine, there is high demand for this job. Growth is expected at a rate of 20% in the near future. The biggest advantage to working in this area is job security. The average salary in this field is approximately $88,000 per year.

9. Nursing

Nursing is excellent for people who enjoy offering care to those in need. It is one of the most demanded jobs in the world. A nurse with a master’s degree can specialize in certain fields of interest and will have great job security. Career outlook is excellent and is expected to grow by 20%. The average salary for this person is usually $85,000 a year.

10. Economics

Economy is an interesting subject for people who enjoy math, money, and international issues. Most people who have a master’s degree in economics will find work in government or other financial agencies. Careers in this field are scheduled to grow by 15%. The average pay is quite good at $115,000 a year. With this pay comes responsibility and opportunity to tour the world when dealing with global events.