Since the start of the millennium, online education has evolved from an auxiliary offering to a revolutionary education paradigm. Thus said, higher education pundits are now predicting that online education will soon surpass traditional campus-based education due to the innovative, flexible structures that online degree programs can offer.

In preparation for this transition, some of the most prestigious universities have been implementing online programs for a variety of degrees and fields. Below, we will examine some of these top universities, as well as note some of their most intriguing offers.

Pennsylvania State University
Both U.S. News and The Best Schools rank Penn State as the number one online institution in America. Their online college, Penn State World Campus, was launched in 1998 and features a myriad of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in fields such as engineering, technology, and business.

By far, one of World Campus’s most unique offerings is its asynchronous structure, which allows students to compete coursework on their schedule. This structure is great for students who are looking to continue their education while working full time or taking care of kids at home.

University of Florida
Being a member of the Association of American Universities, the University of Florida has long been recognized for providing outstanding educational opportunities. Their online program acts as a prime example, for it offers a variety of programs that lead to bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees.

Some of their most engaging programs are health education, sports management, and industrial and system engineering.

Boston University
A private research institution established in 1839, Boston University ranks #4 on The Best School’s lists of top online colleges. As apart of their online program, students have the opportunity to utilize a variety of resources, such as career counseling and academic mentoring.

Furthermore, potential students have the option to choose between a diverse selection of degree levels and programs.

Arizona State University
With a student base of almost 100,000, Arizona State University serves as the largest enrolled university in America. Their online program is equally as impressive, offering a multitude of certificate programs, as well as bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees.

Furthermore, Arizona State’s online program offers an eclectic mix of degrees, with some of the most popular being business, film, nutrition, and electrical engineering. Online students also have the advantage of completing assignments on their own time, with many deadlines being only midterm or end of semester.

As noted, the online programs highlighted above are some of the best in the country. Yet, there are a multitude of other great online programs, so check out U.S. News’s and The Best Schools’s rankings to get a further analysis of the top accredited online programs in the country.