Psychology is a quickly growing and evolving field that requires dedication and hard work to acquire a degree. Those that have finished the psychology bachelor’s program may find themselves asking, “what can you do with a bachelors degree in psychology?” Though being a medical professional may seem out of reach, there are plenty of fantastic jobs out there for psychology majors that are sure to put applicants on the fast track to success.

The first and most common job that fits with a psychology degree is a psychiatric technician or counselor. Though a four year degree is not enough to become a full fledged psychiatrist, graduates can still take part in the field and can help men, women, and children work through their issues. In the case of a psychiatric technician, these employees work under a licensed professional in the field and many go on to pursue a higher degree while they work. These technicians may be responsible for handling administrative tasks, helping patients with daily needs, teaching necessary life skills, and even conducting therapy sessions under the tutelage of the head psychiatrist.

Counselors have a job that is a bit different from a psychiatric technician in that they conduct their own counseling sessions without the guidance of a higher professional. These counselors can be hired by churches, schools, businesses, and other establishments to help their members or employees work through common issues and increase productivity and general happiness with the work place. As a counselor, graduates will be expected to keep up on the current methods and any new forms or types of counseling that may help the individuals that they see work through any personal issues.

Following in the vein of counseling, career counseling is also a fantastic option for these graduates. Taking the time to understand what skills and requirements are needed for any specific job will make use of the research skills that a psychology degree breeds in graduates. These job counselors can also help people integrate back into the work force after a time of being unemployed, can teach valuable job and life skills, and can help potential employees understand what is expected and required of them at any specific juncture.

Psychology majors may also look into social work or child services. Though it is required that in order to be a social worker students attain a social work degree, a psychology degree can help graduates break into the field while they work through their second degree. Social work assistants, court appointed child advocates, partial and home care in a mental health setting, and more are just some of the great jobs that psychology majors can find working with children. Though a higher position will require more school and a further degree, a psychology degree gives graduates the edge and the insight that is necessary to successfully follow in this career path.

Still another career path that can be incredibly rewarding is research assisting and marketing. A psychology degree teaches graduates to delve deeply into what makes people tick and to discover what excites or entices a certain set of people. This skill is perfect for marketing as a psychology major can quickly get to the root of the issue and figure out what advertising campaigns, signs, colors, lights, etc. will appeal to what group and the effect that it will have. Research is also a field that plays to the strengths of the psychology graduate. In order to graduate with a psychology degree, students must be able to dissect and understand complex reports, sets of data, and case loads which makes researching second nature. By using the research skills that are honed and perfected during college, the research and marketing field presents a wonderful opportunity for this set of graduates. No matter what field or position graduates choose after graduation, it is important that the job or career selected reflects the skills and talents that have been so long in the making.